Award Booking Services

Booking airline awards can be a challenge.  And, getting the most from your miles can be really hard.  Luckily there are professional award booking services that can help.  Here are some potential advantages to going with a good award booking service:

  • Better Award Availability.  Many people assume that if their airline tells them there are no award seats available, then it must be true.  A good award booking service can often find the seats that don’t appear to exist.
  • Save Miles & Money.  A good award booking service will know which of your points can get you to your destination and back for the lowest cost in terms of both miles and cash.  Ideally they know which options to avoid due to high fuel surcharges or unfavorable award charts. And, they know how to stretch your miles further by taking maximum advantage of flexible routing rules such as layovers and open-jaws.
  • Better flight experience.  A good award booking service will know which flights have the best seats and service and will try to get you on those flights.  And, they’ll proactively find itineraries with the fewest stops and shortest layovers (while avoiding layovers that risk missed connections).
  • Less Aggravation.  Booking award travel can be a huge headache.  Simply finding available award seats can be difficult.  With some airlines, booking award travel can be extremely difficult even when the award seats are available!  A good award booking service will do the hard work for you even if it means calling an airline a dozen times until they find someone who knows how to book your flight.

Available Award Booking Services

We do not run our own award booking service.  Instead, below is an incomplete alphabetical list of available services.  The presence of an award booking service on this list does not mean that we recommend this service.  For reviews, please see this FlyerTalk thread, or the user-comments, below.

If your award booking service is missing from this list, please let us know via our contact Frequent Miler page, and we’ll add you in.

Reader feedback

Have you used an award booking service?  If so, which one?  How would you rate the service?  Was it worth the fee?  Please comment below.

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