Awesome Amex Platinum Upgrade Offer: 100k + 5x On Groceries, Gas & Dining


There’s an incredible targeted upgrade offer that some American Express cardholders are seeing that’s not only offering 100,000 bonus Membership Rewards for upgrading to the Platinum card, but also the opportunity to earn 5x on up to $15,000 of groceries, gas and dining.

American Express Platinum Upgrade Offer

As you can see from the screenshot here are the terms of the offer:

  • Earn 100,000 bonus Membership Rewards when upgrading to the Platinum card & spending $6,000 in the first 6 months of card membership
  • Earn 5x points on up to $15,000 of combined purchases in the following categories during your first 6 months of card membership:
    • U.S. Supermarkets
    • U.S. gas stations
    • Restaurants worldwide

If you were able to max out this offer by spending $15,000 in those three bonus categories, you’d earn a total of 175,000 points which represents a return of 11.67 Membership Rewards points per dollar.

Reader Igor saw this offer on his Green card when logging in to his American Express account, so be sure to check your cards in case you’ve been targeted for this specific offer or another great upgrade offer on any of your Amex cards.

If you do get targeted for this or any other upgrade offer from American Express, be sure to keep the card for at least 12 months after upgrading because Amex is very strict about clawing back bonus points if you cancel or downgrade your card any earlier than that.


Are any of you seeing this specific offer too or any other upgrade offer on your Amex cards?

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General Amex upgrade question(not this specific card)
Took an upgrade offer last year, downgraded last month after 12 months, the upgrade offer pops up again today, is it too soon to upgrade again?


I just noticed this offer on my account last week. Went to upgrade today and now it’s gone. I never saw any deadline. Oh well. Any way to get it back? I tried calling but they only saw a 25k upgrade offer. I’ll hold off and assume it will come back at some point.


Will I be eligible if I’ve previously had the platinum? I’ve got this offer on my gold card right now.


Thanks for the reply, Stephen. Think i’m going to take the plunge!


I have this offer, however it is only for 6 months.
Amex gold gives 4x in gas and supermarket permanently so IMO worth more in the long run


meant restaurants and supermarkets


Saw the offer today. Just paid the annual fee on the Gold card last month, will I immediately have the pay the Plat’s annual fee on top of that?

Any advice also on if I’ll be able to get the Gold again…do really like the rose gold one and would be a little sad to not have it :’(

And will this prevent me from getting a future welcome offer on the Plat?

Mark P

Do these upgrade offers come through if I already have a Plat? I have a Gold and Green too.

Art Leyenberger

I wanted the Plat BIZ 150k + 10k employee offer and tried all the browsers, incognitos pages etc. No dice. Best I could find was 120k offer. So I called AMEX and asked if I was eligible- they said no but gave me the 120k + 10K for $1k spend on employee card. Which I chose as a greenie since it had no annual fee.
I have some big spends which allow me to do three $5000 charges to get the 1.5x MR. So although I didn’t get the 150k + 10K, I did get 130K plus the spend points.
So the moral of this story is if you can’t get what you want. call!
Also, I don’t understand why AMEX offers employee cards in plat, gold and green, all with the same benefits but diff AF.


Where will I see this offer after I log in to my account?


The upgrade offer popped up when I logged in on my desktop computer yesterday. It is still available when I browse “Cards” at the top of the webpage and click on the Amex Platinum card there.


is there a link that you can share?


“We’re sorry. There’s been an unexpected error and the page you’re trying to reach is temporarily down.”Looks targeted.


They would pull credit report, right? Will it be considered as a new account then?


They didn’t pull a credit report for my Gold-to-Platinum upgrade.


Most likely not. They didn’t pull credit for my gold to platinum upgrade last Nov nor did they pull credit for my new Hilton and Delta Business applications earlier this year. But like all things in this game, YMMv


I have this offer available on my consumer Gold card. I received a retention offer last July or August on my Gold card. I know that one of the stipulations with that offer was keeping the card open for 12 months. Would accepting this upgrade offer put me at risk for a clawback on the retention offer or should I be in the clear since the account will be staying open?




I’m wondering the same, though it is already too late for me to change course. I accepted a 40k/$3k retention offer on my plat in February but then called in to say I changed my mind and wanted to downgrade to gold. Amex said great, no problem. Then in May, I decided to accept this 100k + 5x grocery/gas/restaurant offer. It turns out the retention offer was still in place as I received the 40k bonus points after making a large purchase. Obviously, I’m hoping for no clawback but am fully prepared for it to happen.


P2 got this offer, but for 75,000 MRs + 5X on gas, groceries & dining out, on his Gold card last week. We jumped on it.


I got this exact offer on my Gold card last month. I had spent less than a thousand dollars on it in the previous year.