(EXPIRED) BankAmeriDeals “double cash back” 4/29-5/10

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Update 4/30/24: Just a quick reminder that this BankAmeriDeals double cashback promotion is live.


Bank of America’s shopping portal-like BankAmeriDeals are going to be offering “double cash back” on select merchants from April 29th to May 10, 2024. It sounds like this will merely be increased rates at some retailers, but it nonetheless might be worth a look (I’m going to set a reminder to check my account).

I saw this when I logged in to my Bank of America account earlier this week.

According to what the screen shot above says, beginning on 4/29 we’ll see which merchants are available for “Double Days”. I expect that this will probably be like when other portals offer “double cash back” in that it will probably just be slightly increased rates for some retailers that may or may not be “double” the previous rate through Bank AmeriDeals (and almost certainly not double the rate of your best alternative).

Two interesting things to note: First of all, the terms make it sound like this will only happen with deals that are shopping portal-style. The terms say that you’ll have to log in, see which merchants are available, click through the increased rate, and make your purchase in a single session. I therefore wouldn’t expect card-linked offers to be available at “double” rates.

The other notable thing is that the terms state that you can take advantage of these increased rates as many times as you want, but if a merchant processes your order in multiple transactions you will only earn rewards on the first transaction. That’s relevant because the one time I had a problem with a Capital One Shopping portal order tracking, I suspected that the problem was that I purchased two items in a single order that shipped separately. The order ended up tracking at the price of the first item that shipped and not at all on the second item (which  ended up showing up on the merchant side under a different order number). All that is to say that if the portal rate is important to you, I would recommend purchasing items individually. In other words, if you want more than one item from the same store, you’re probably better off clicking through from BankAmeriDeals more than one time and ordering each item separately.

It’s hard to say whether this will end up being exciting, but it will be worth keeping an eye on it in case.

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I am boycotting this promo, as it’s never never ever been executed properly. Hard hard pass.