Better discount: Works for existing customers, too


Yesterday, we posted a Quick Deal to save 50% on paper towels (or a wide range of products at Shawn, at Miles to Memories, also posted about this sale in Ninja Tricks: How I Just Saved ~65% (or more) at & How You Can Too!. There’s no doubt — Shawn’s ninja tricks sliced the prices even further — and the best part is that his codes work for existing customers, too. We thought some readers might benefit from a post here in case you missed how he did it.


Quick Recap

boxed 25 back on 65

To quickly recap, I showed yesterday how you could stack a referral code (good for $15 off of $60 or more) with the Amex Offer for $25 back on $65 (and potentially 8% cash back) to save a bunch of money on household stuff. We got $80 worth of paper towels for about $40 — potentially about $35 if the cash back pays out:

boxed referral 2

I tried stacking a %-off coupon with the $15 referral credit, but the cart gave me an error stating that only 1 promo code could be used at a time.  However, Shawn discovered a different combination of a 20% off code and a $10 off code that can stackAdditionally, one of our readers yesterday confirmed that TopCashBack tracked their transaction, and a reader at Miles to Memories mentioned that Ibotta has 10% back for Boxed. Here are the codes:

  • Take 20% off of $40 or more with code SURVEY10
  • Reader Ted points out that SURVEY20 takes off 25%
  • Take $10 off with code 7HN93KWQ
  • Potentially stack 10% back by shopping through Ibotta

I added another ~$14.50 in items to my cart from yesterday and the total looks like this:

Boxed cart with 25 off


You’ll see that they are adding sales tax — which bumps my order up over the $65 threshold for the Amex Offer. Assuming 10% back on the $65.70 ($6.57), my final total with tax included should be about $34.13 for $94.44 worth of stuff at Thar’s better than I wrote about yesterday.

But doesn’t Shawn stack another $15 off?

At a quick glance, Shawn’s post seems to stack a bit further — he shows getting another $15 discount.

shawn referral credit

However, that $15 is a credit he had in his account (presumably from referring someone in the past). If you are signing up for a new account, you will not yet have this credit. However, if you posted your referral code in the comments yesterday and you earned referral credit (not sure if that has posted yet — looks like mine hasn’t), you could use that credit stacked with these codes to save even more.

Final Thoughts

Again, these discounts can work on any of a wide assortment of products. While some of’s prices may be high compared to your local warehouse club, they are hard to beat after stacking these discounts — especially considering the fact that the products are delivered to your door. If you find any particularly good deals while shopping, let us know in the comments.

H/T: Miles to Memories

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$15 coupon

Working FREE $15 code: 21H10
Working FREE $15 code: 9DFAC

anyone have any current Boxed codes for existing members?


did you find one? i am looking for one as well


Was hoping to take advantage of ANEX offer before it expires (I’m an existing boxed customer) but I can’t find a working promo code to combine with it. Please help




600DE For $15 OFF Working Code : 600DE


600DE $15 OFF Working Code.


Here is my referral if anyone wants the $15 off first order: KB79R

~~~~~~~~~~ $15 off coupon: KB79R ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

$15 off first order: KB79R

~~~~~~~~~~ $15 off coupon: KB79R ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Codes for my family and me.


Dad in a Box

Here is one more boxed code if you need one. Good for 1st time orders. $15 off 60 (but spend $65 to trigger the Amex credit)

Tip: use search to find these great deals – postage stamps and discount gift cards. PF Changs is one that is currently available

Please use my code: ZIS6H


U1DT7 and JUSTFORHIM stack codes for 50%off an order


Thanks in advance for using my referral link to get $15 off $60:


Here’s another referral code if anyone needs:


Here’s another referral code if anyone needs:

[…] need more paper towels than usual. I saw an email from one of my favorite travel hacking writers, The Frequent Miler, about the deal on paper towels at Boxed. Here's where the final step in the discount stacking […]

Julian Banks

Yeah, I can confirm that I was NOT able to stack. However with Topcashback’s 9% off (ending in 2 days btw), it’s still a solid combo of $25 off $65, 25% off and 9% off.

Here’s my referral to get $15 off your order:

Also, a referral for TopCashBack if you want the 9% (you get $5 Amazon Gift Card):

Billy Bob

It seems they removed the ability to stack. The combination above is no longer working.


seems survey20 only works for new customer
D9K9K, my referral code will get new customer $15 off $60


here is my referral code if you need one


Survey25 is working for 25% discount.
While it is true that boxed is overpriced on some items, it is also true that on some items they have good prices even before all the extra discounts. Items I’ve purchased from them at a good price, before discount, include:
Forever stamps
Scotts toilet paper
maple syrup
coconut oil
Boxed is also generous with their free samples. I just received more free samples than I asked for.

My thanks to anyone who uses my referral code:


This a great deal and BOXED seems like a company that isn’t afraid to put out multiple deals at any time.

Another coupon code that might be available is GETBULK for 15% off.

If you are looking for a referral to us please use mine:


Yeah! Just used 2 codes plus amex offer to get $95 of stuff for $51 🙂
Even better if you use this link:


They also give you $1 credit for every bag you return to them. My referral link
Thank you in advance.


I’ll add my two cents. If you’ve used survey10 and survey20 and they are not working for you any longer, you can use the code SPRINGIN for 10% off.

I’d appreciate if you used my referral code if you are new to


SURVEY10 still works if you’ve used SURVEY20 before.


So I may have went a little overboard when I bought around 1K of US Forever stamps during the last two Amex/Boxed offers – but in more limited quantities – you can save a ton of money on postage. Only one 100 stamp pack is allowed per order, but I bought one for every order – A LOT OF TIMES.

Now I just need to unload them . . .


Thanks for the post. I was able to use both coupons on my first order. With Amex $25 credit, it’s a fantastic deal. My referral link:


Is survey20 only for new customers? I’m getting an error to that effect.


Yeah. They’ve limited this code to first orders only unfortunately. So unless you make multiple accounts and roll the dice, this can’t be replicated for existing users.


Like most folks around here, I have multiple AMEX cards and therefore access to multiple $25 discounts. I used the survey20 code yesterday along with the AMEX offer and topcashback, so the prices are definitely getting interesting (so interesting, that I’m kind of expecting a backlash from Boxed as word of this opportunity spreads).

The question now becomes what the best strategy is for your second order with a second AMEX card. Is there a “good” code existing users can apply to their second orders? And would Boxed object if you refer, say, your spouse?


I guess the question is what was purchased? If you’re over paying for stuff and then its a break even its frivolous. Most of the stuff they sell inst really necessary anyways. For example, their contact lense solution is 50% over priced than wal mart.


survey20 seems to only work for the first order…


Weirdly, my order didn’t trigger the usual Amex e-mail thanking me for using my Amex Offer. Hope that doesn’t mean I won’t get it.


Same here. The charge is now complete and the $25 still not posted. The order already delivered.


Great post. Please sign up with my referral code…


This is so great! I’m definitely ordering from Boxed soon. I can’t believe you can stack certain promo codes too.


Here is a referral code.

Note that they have a rewards system that gets you ~3% back on every order and Amex cardholders get free shipping over $20.

Frequently no sales tax too, like for me in TN.


Survey20 get you 25% off


It will stack with the $15 for referring others and any rewards you earned on prior purchases


Only on first order.