Episode 205 Conquer the Impossible. The Challenge is on!

Conquer the impossible: The challenge is on!

If you've ever thought that award travel with a family of four or five people just can't be done, this week we are conquering the impossible to show you that it certainly can. The...

How would we spend 1 million dollars?

If you suddenly had to spend a million dollars, what would be your rewards earning strategy to get the most bang for your big bucks? We get this type of question from time to...

Citi’s quintessential credit card quartet

Does Citi have the ultimate credit card combination for an everyday spender? This week on Frequent Miler on the Air, we tune in to Citi's quintessential credit card quartet and wonder whether this is...

How to get insane value from your Amex points

I have often said that Amex Membership Rewards points are my favorite award currency because of the strength of those points for flight awards. On this week's Frequent Miler on the Air, Greg and...

Bilt IS all that

Bilt made a big splash when it launched a couple of years ago and it hasn't yet seem content to rest with the satisfaction of a big splash. Instead, they keep working on something...

Amassing American Airlines Miles

Greg and I have been loving American Airlines miles more than ever before. On last week's show, we both admitted how much we've been using them lately, but we didn't discuss ways to gather...

Loyalty Program Changing Fortunes

Which loyalty programs are on the upswing and which are on a downward trend? At any given time, the answer to that question could be influenced by award chart changes, availability trends, new program...

13 ways to increase credit card spend (and get most of it back)

Pop quiz: when was the last time we talked about ways to increase credit card spend and get most of it back on our podcast? You'll have to listen to this week's Frequent Miler...

Doing Hawaii with points

Hawaii is calling. If you'd like to answer that call, we discuss this week on Frequent Miler on the Air the various tools you can use to make that trip get out of your...

What’s in our wallets?

Since Samuel L. Jackson and Jennifer Garner won't stop asking, this week we discuss what's in OUR wallets (and why). Will the answer make Mr. Jackson proud? (Spoiler alert: Neither of us carries a...

Which is the most rewarding hotel loyalty program?

Do you know which hotel program rewards its members the most for paid stays? If you thought there was a clear answer to that question, we'll leave you questioning what you think you know...

Bright spots in Hyatt’s 2023 devaluation

Despite the doom and gloom you have have heard about Hyatt's 2023 category changes, the news isn't all bad. This week on Frequent Miler on the Air, we discuss the silver linings and what...

Travel Hacker’s Toolkit

When friends and family ask me how we can afford to travel the way we do, I often simplify and say that we're really good at using credit card rewards and frequently flyer miles....

SkyMiles Strike Back

Long the laughing stock of the award travel world, Delta SkyMiles is striking back against popular perception. On this week's Frequent Miler on the Air, we discussed the new award discount for cardholders that...

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