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I currently have cash in high yield savings account ~1% APY. In order to maximize my yield, I’m thinking:
Checking bonus: Deposit $1,500 (the minimum daily balance requirement to prevent fee) and hold it for 6 months.
Savings bonus: Deposit $15,000 in the CHASE savings account for 90 days (3 months). Then drain it down to $300 ish (above minimum daily balance requirement to prevent fee) and hold it for another 3 months (for a total of 6 months).
After 6 months have passed, close both CHASE account and put everything back to my high yield savings account. My rough math tells me I’ll be missing out on about $50 of high yield in returns for the $500 bonus.
What wasn’t clear is if the direct deposit needs to be set up for 6 months continuously to get the bonus or if I can stop it after a few months. Anyone has experience with the Chase bonus? Any caveats?


By “new money” does that mean you cannot take money from checking to open the savings acct?

[…] Chase Personal Checking & Savings Bonus: Get up to $500 […]


Thanks for the heads-up, Shawn. Even though Chase doesn’t serve my address, we’ll be in FL and I can sign up in-branch next week.


I’m in the same situation. Will they open an account if your home address is not in the “serviced” area? If they do, are you planning on closing the account after you collect the rewards? I feel like it’ll be a useless account if you don’t have a branch around.


Nice find! Does the account need to be opened in-branch? Or can it be done online? The process in-branch takes forever.


Hi, I have a join account with my wife but I think my wife is the primary. Would I be able to get the bonus if I open a new account under my name? Thanks


My wife was an additional user on my account and they still let her have the bonus last year for opening a new one as primary. We simply asked the banker if it was ok and he thought so.