Chase Freedom Offering an Additional 4Q 10% Bonus at Amazon, Zappos & More


chase freedom 4q 10 percent

10% Back

Chase has announced a holiday promotion for the Chase Freedom card. From November 23, 2015 through December 31, 2015 you can receive 10% cashback for purchases at, Zappos, Audible and

These are the same stores that are included in the 5% 4Q bonus. The great thing is you can earn 5% on up to $1,500 in spending before November 23, 2015 and then 10% on another $1,500 through the end of the year. Here is how they explain it in their FAQ:

Will I still earn 10% cash back on up to $1,500 in combined purchases from November 23 through December 31, 2015 if I’ve already been spending in this quarter’s bonus categories?

Yes. On November 23, we will reset your quarterly bonus maximum dollar amount so you can earn 10% cash back on up to $1,500 in new combined purchases in this quarter’s bonus categories regardless of what you’ve spent prior to November 23.

Before you can earn 10% you must activate the promotion on your card. You can activate the promotion and find the full terms here.

Increased Bonus

Chase has also increased the bonus on the Freedom card for new sign-ups. For a limited time you can get a $150 sign-up bonus (15,000 points) after $500 in spending in the first 3 months. You can earn an additional $25 (2,500 points) for adding an authorized user.

You can find a link to the offer on the Best Signup Offers page.

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[…] Chase Freedom Offering an Additional 4Q 10% Bonus at Amazon, Zappos & More […]


I just got my chase freedom card I can get the points or turn my points into $150 what is the better deal. I need to spent $500 in 3mo’s to get the points how is the best way to spend the $500 thanks for your help..


So, any resellers buying Amazon gift cards?


Thanks for the great Info.

Question: Can you still shop via a portal to Amazon ?…..or must you go straight to


I haven;t checked this week, but as of last week: You can still shop through giving assistant. You won’t earn anything, but they will still do a donation. So at least your purchases are helping someone else.


That Amex deal must have fired them up.


I concur with this notion.


To follow up, it seems like AMEX is the best deal followed by the 10% freedom, 10% discover and 5% freedom.


So now we have $15 off $60 with AMEX (x10 ish for me)
5% back with discover on $1500 (x2 if in first year)
5% back on $1500 and 10% back on $1500 with Freedom

Do I really want to buy $5000 worth of gift credits at Amazon to save $525?
($15×10 + $1500*10% + $1500*5% + $1500*10%)



Hack it? Not sure what counts as “hacking”, but gift cards count. Buy $1500 worth of gift cards and you’re effectively getting ~16-18% off (or whatever you value UR at) all your purchases at Amazon for the next year.

Or if you sell on Amazon, you can buy stuff that they only take 6% on (e.g tablets and laptops) from a 3rd-party that doesn’t charge tax in your state, and assuming you can immediately sell them at the same price, then you’re buying UR for somewhere between .6 cents and 1 cent or so (depending on what you spend on inbound shipping, and if the item is more than $300 or not).


How do we hack this? We need some guidance from the master.


Buy stuff from Amazon


I like it a lot better when I am not buying stuff to get points…..