[Expired] Update: Chase Pay: 10x at Best Buy up to $400 per card, not targeted


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Update: This offer is not targeted and should work for 10x per card on up to $400 in purchases. See screen shots below.

Chase is emailing out an offer for 10x/10% back at Best Buy on up to $400 in purchases when using Chase Pay. I’m not sure whether or not this is targeted yet, but the user reporting this on Slickdeals received the offer on a Freedom Unlimited card. There is a chance that this may be like the previous Walmart Chase Pay deal, which turned out not to be targeted (and to work on up to the spend cap per card). This one looks to be available to everyone with these cards based on the landing pages and several reports of contact with Chase customer service.

The Deal

  • 10x/10% back at Best Buy using Chase Pay (on up to $400 in purchases)
  • Valid 11/20/17-12/24/17
  • Click the screen shots below for links to the respective landing pages

Quick Thoughts

There are landing pages for the Chase FreedomFreedom UnlimitedSapphire, and Sapphire Reserve cards as follows (click the images to go to the landing pages):

This offer could be a targeted one, but I’d be willing to bet that this will be like the recent Walmart Chase Pay promo that was open to all Freedom / Freedom Unlimited / Sapphire card holders. If that’s the case, this is an excellent offer to have heading into Black Friday sales. Best Buy also stocks a wide range of gift cards in-store that would be nice to get with a 10x payout. Last time, the spending cap was per card rather than per user, meaning that it may even be possible to get this with multiple Chase cards — we just don’t yet know. We will post an update when we receive confirmation as to whether or not this offer is targeted. In the meantime, keep your eye on your email to see if this pops up. Consider this one confirmed.

Did you receive this email? If you did, which card did you receive it for?

H/T: Slickdeals

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1. So we can use multiple Chase cards for this bonus? Any chase card or specifically the ones listed in this post?

2. We can buy gift cards in the Best Buy store for this promotion or must it be a product?

[…] Update: Chase Pay: 10x at Best Buy up to $400 per card, not targeted: Pro tip for those new to Chase Pay: Don’t forget to switch which card is being used to pay before the cashier scans your QR code and you end up with $400 in gift cards charged to your Marriott card that is not part of the promo. Can you tell I made a rookie mistake yesterday? Also, be prepared to have everyone direct you to touch your phone to the payment terminal when you show them the QR code. Don’t do it. If your screen is unlocked and you touch your phone to the payment terminal, I think it’s possible that you may activate Android Pay/Apple Pay instead of Chase Pay. Just politely get the cashier to scan your QR code and it should work fine. […]


I purchased a laptop at BestBuy yesterday that cost between $400 and $800. I tried to take advantage of this deal by paying $400 using the Freedom card and then the rest using a Sapphire card, both through the Chase Pay app on my phone.

While the first $400 was charged to my Freedom card using Chase Pay, when the BB clerk scanned my phone Chase Pay QR code, it returned an *error* and could not be processed. We tried this several times without success, so I had to pay the balance using a card rather than Chase Pay.

Is this a know limitation of Chase Pay? Or is this more likely to be a system malfunction?


This happened to me yesterday when purchasing gift cards at walmart.com – the CSR transaction went through for $325 but the CSP didn’t work. I got a call from Chase today asking if I made the purchase yesterday, and they declined the CSP transaction thinking it was fraud. Likely what with you as well…..


Is the Walmart promotion per card (i.e. $325 x 2 if you have Freedom + Sapphire) ?



Auto correct….
Should say”question”, not “Wheaton”…


May be a silly Wheaton, but I’d this in store only? The instructions on the landing page only mentions paying in store.


You don’t have to register for this or the Walmart one, right? It’s basically just a gimme?