Citi adds card-linked shopping offers


Citi has recently added card-linked shopping offers. A reader reached out alerting us of this a few weeks ago, but at the time Greg had the offers and neither Stephen nor I had them on our accounts. That is still the case today, but Citi has even sent an email to Greg alerting him of the offers, so it does appear that they are intending a larger roll-out even though some card members don’t yet have access.

The Deal

Quick Thoughts

As noted at the top, this has been out for several weeks already, but we had held off on reporting it figuring that a larger roll-out would be coming. Perhaps Citi has just decided to target certain groups of customers for offers, but it’s worth logging in to see if you have any that are of use for you. Upon first glance, Greg didn’t find any particularly notable offers, but as always things like this can be a good deal if you already intend to spend money at one of the included merchants. Since these offers are card-linked, they should stack with shopping portals as well.

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