Huge Value 60K Bonus on the Citi ThankYou Premier is now Available


citi thankyou premier 60K

Citi has released a new offer on their ThankYou Premier card giving 60K ThankYou points. This represents the highest bonus ever offered on this card.

The Offer

Earn 60,000 ThankYou points after spending $3,500 during the first 3 months. The $95 annual fee is waived the first year.

Card Details
  • Earn 3X on travel including gas.
  • Earn 2X on dining and entertainment.
  • Earn 1X on all other purchases.
  • No foreign transaction fee.

You can find the link to this offer on our Best Signup Offers page.

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Nathan Koterba

I currently have the Citi Premier card but would like to refer my girlfriend for the 60k bonus.

Does Citi have any refer a friend program or bonus?


I followed same steps as John, above, via Secure Message. I received the same reply. No luck.


I sent a secure message yesterday regarding this. Said I would receive a response within 24hrs…at 30hrs and no response.

I called today and the rep told me he was “aware of the offer” and that is was a “mistake” and he would not honor it.

The rep was actually pretty rude–especially when I said “I found this offer directly on your website, I’m looking at it on my screen right now. Are you telling me you can’t match this offer? I just signed up a month ago.” He said “we will not match it” and then pretty much rushed me off the phone.

I’m debating calling again.


Just an update here is the response to my secured message:

Unfortunately, we are unable to complete your request. While the promotion was inadvertently made public, the offer in question was only intended for solicited pre-qualified applicants. Therefore, we are unable to match the offer on existing accounts.

If there is any way we can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact us.


Thanks John, good idea with the secure message. And congrats!


Yeah I just called CITI and they told me they couldn’t change my offer bonus (signed up in July). Total BS that other credit cards will do this and not CITI. I was liking this card until now…


I got the card last month (still working on spending) and used secure message to ask for an increase. Included information about the offer I saw and said I could send a pdf image of the offer if they needed. Notified within 3 days they would bump up my offer to the 60k for $3.5k spending.


Thanks John, good idea with the secure message. And congrats!


I recently completed my 50k points offer and secure messaged them asking to be matched to the 60k offer. I was given the following:

Our records indicate you have earned the 50,000 bonus ThankYou Points for your original offer. We would be happy to add the additional 10,000 bonus ThankYou Points to match the online offer as long as a total of $3,500 is spent by 10/06/2015.

Seems fair to me!


I was approved instantly but with a low credit line of only 8500, is that typical of citi cards?


Called Citibank. A nice girl picked up and asked me the source of the promotion. Told her I was just browsing on and found it there. She matched the offer immediately. This was around 11:45am EST. I think they may have taken down the 60k application link early afternoon EST.


Consider your self luck. You acted fast and I waited too long. It seems their call center folks are now being made aware of the situation and rejecting all requests to get matched to 60k since it’s not a valid public offer.


Got it just now. Only $2,000 monthly card limit but clarified that as long as I spend $3,500 over three months then I get the 60K. Wasn’t instantly approved as I’ve had three apps this week, but called the number and after two holds and ten easy minutes, I’m on my way to 60K. Great work Frequent Flyer!


18 months time period requirement between applications applies here!


Nope, you’re S.O.L. if you only got the 50k bonus. I called customer service AND spoke with the applications team and they said they “can’t adjust” the offer. The offer you got is the one you get apparently. Seems like total BS, but they wouldn’t budge. They said you could cancel your application and reapply, or reapply again for the same card but risk a denial for the second app AND the first app including your initial bonus. I applied for the 50k offer 2 days ago and seem to be stuck with it. Not happy.


The link isn’t working for me, it says it has expired and then it links me to the Citi main page where the bonus is still 50k. Has anyone gotten it to work?


I see you HT’d DoC. He had to HT’s in his post. Souls you be HTing his HT’s. What is hat tip etiquette anyways? Is ok to take info from other places as long as you include an HT as part of your post?


Might quibble with the “huge”


Dang. Also in the same boat as many above having applied last week for the 50k bonus. Will also have to call up Citi to ask for a bump up.


You’re late on this one Shawn!


My wife was just approved for this card at 50K earlier this week. Hopefully Citi will be willing to bump her bonus to 60K.


So, there is not a matching offer for the Prestige card?

Kelly S

Recently got card with 50K bonus…not done with 3 months yet and spent well over 3500. Called Citibank today to see if they would “bump” me to the new program. I was told I would get a letter in 10 days telling me of their decision.

Not too optimistic because it is Citibank…. I know Chase seems to be more than willing if new offer comes up within 90 days and you call and ask for new offer within that time..