Delta SkyMiles & Starbucks Rewards Update Partnership: Earn Free Miles & Stars


Delta and Starbucks have updated the way that you earn via their partnership. Instead of earning miles on Starbucks purchases, folks who link their Delta SkyMiles and Starbucks rewards accounts will now earn up to 2 miles per dollar on Starbucks reloads.

Delta SkyMiles Starbucks Rewards partnership

The Deal

  • Link your Delta SkyMiles & Starbucks Rewards accounts to earn the following:
    • Double Stars on Delta travel days when you make a purchase through the Starbucks app
    • Up to 2 SkyMiles per $1 spent on Starbucks Reloads according to the following chart:

a blue and white squares with white text

  • Delta SkyMiles is currently offering 50 bonus miles for adding $25 or more to your Starbucks account. The offer is limited to the first 500,000 members who register and add at least $25 to their Starbucks account. In order to register:
    1. Log into your Delta SkyMiles account (assuming your accounts are already linked. If not, see below)
    2. Go to the Promotions tab
    3. Register for the Starbucks promotion.

Direct link to link Delta and Starbucks accounts

Quick Thoughts

Linking your accounts is nice and straightforward as all you need to do is (French) press a few buttons. You’ll then earn double Stars on days where you visit Starbucks and fly with Delta, plus you’ll earn SkyMiles on Starbucks reloads on any day of the week – not just on days when you’re flying.

The Delta and Starbuck partnership used to be based directly on purchases. Now, you earn SkyMiles through Starbucks reloads, which you can then use to make purchases via the app or in person. The earning rate goes up the more you reload:

  • 1x for a $25 reload
  • 1.5x for a $50 reload
  • 1.66x for a $75 reload
  • 2x for a $100 reload

It’s worth keeping reloads at exactly the dollar amounts listed since you get a fixed amount of SkyMiles by hitting each threshold. For example, a $70 reload earns the same 75 miles as a $50 reload, but a $75 reload earns 125.

Even if Delta isn’t your cup of tea, if you ever visit Starbucks it’s worth linking your accounts in order to earn some free SkyMiles as they never expire. Along with the change in how you earn, Delta is offering a promotional 50 bonus miles for adding $25 or more to your Starbucks account. The offer is limited to the first 500,000 members who register and add at least $25 to their Starbucks account.

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Starbucks Man

Starbucks stars is an odd program. They used to offer almost too much value with the 50 star drinks, then nerfed value completely, and now run a bunch of random specials to try to bring people in. This weird reload tie-in doesn’t do a lot


It’s a lot of sipping to get to the next trip.

And NB, buying SBUX giftcards (say at office stores with Ink Cash) is no longer a path to earning Delta miles. Have to reload a card in the app (web?) from a credit card now, as I understand it.


They keep saying “Turns out you are just as excited about this partnership as we are. We’re working fast to fill all those requests, so please come back later to link your accounts.”

Ive checked daily, tried to do this, to no avail.


I never actually fly Delta. Wish it had been Americano Airlines.

Last edited 1 year ago by Andy
Michael Scott

I had to keep checking back every few hours, but finally got linked at 9:45 PDT. I usually get about one cup of Starbucks coffee per week. I guess I’ll be flying Delta One from now on. ha ha

Arnold S

Went to join and got this message: Turns out you are just as excited about this partnership as we are. We’re working fast to fill all those requests, so please come back later to link your accounts.


The site should be back now.


I linked accounts right when I recieved the message.Made a trip to Bucky’s. Bonus,stars posted right away, checked Delta account,states not yet tracked.Thanks Stephen!


Follow up,500 miles posted in my Delta account this morning.


I Link my Delta SkyMiles & Starbucks Rewards accounts made a purchase like the terms and conditions said haven’t got the 200 stars, anyone else having same problem?


Looks like both sites deltastarbuck or startbucksdelta have crashed

Last edited 1 year ago by rdover1

I got an error when signing up as well – after I entered both my Delta number and then logged in to Starbucks. So I tried Edge browser instead in case something about their sites didn’t like Firefox – when I entered my Delta info on the form there it told me my Sbux account was already linked.

So, the error may be a red herring. Guess I’ll see if my bonus stars and miles show up!


Reporting back: Next morning bought my usual Sbux coffee, 150* appeared on account by the time I arrived at my office.


I started writing an email about this to alert you this morning, but when I got back to the computer this was posted, lol. I was able to link using the Starbucks app.


Would be great if FM could do a list of all known brand cross-promotions! For example, I just stumbled on the Delta & Instacart + promo a few months ths back and would have missed out on a ton of Delta Miles if I didn’t. Wonder how many more we dont know about!


LYFT allows yous either 3 HHONORS points or Delta Skymiles per$1 spent on rides.

Uber/Eats earn Marriott Bonvoy points

DoorDash thru the website if you clicked thru a link you earned ??mm – I think it was Stephens post from a while back


It was too good to last, but it was cool getting both HHonors points and SkyMiles before we had to choose one only.




I’m getting an error. “The information you provided does not match our records.”. Edit: glad to see it’s not just me!

Last edited 1 year ago by Jonathan
Mark W

Might be helpful to include the link where you can link accounts: or

Also, I keep getting an error message that “The information you provided does not match our records,” despite the fact that I know my name and SkyMiles number have been entered correctly and match my SkyMiles profile. Has anyone been able to successfully link thus far?


I also saw that error, and I fixed it by correcting my email address at Starbucks to match the address at Delta.


Thanks, that fixed my problem too.

Ivan Y

Is the linking process working for everyone? For some reason it is giving me “ The information you provided does not match our records” message.