Earn Double Points With Wyndham Rewards Shopping Portal


We shared details earlier about all the holiday bonuses you can earn through Upromise and five different airline shopping portals, but they’re not the only ones running a promotion.

The fairly new Wyndham Rewards shopping portal is offering double points on purchases until December 2, 2019. Even with the bonus it might not offer an amazing rate compared to other portals, but it could be worth taking advantage of if you’re a few hundred points shy of a free award night.

Wyndham Rewards Shopping Portal 2x Bonus

The Deal

  • Earn double points on all purchases through the Wyndham Rewards shopping portal.
  • Direct link to offer.

Key Terms

  • To qualify for the Double Points Wyndham Rewards points offer, a Wyndham Rewards Member must, between 5:30 AM EST November 1, 2019 and 11:59 PM EST December 2, 2019 make a purchase on www.wyndhamrewards.com/shopping while signed in to their Wyndham Rewards account.
  • A Member who qualifies for the Double Points Offer will receive double Wyndham Rewards points for each Offer Qualifying Purchase completed. Double points will be calculated on the Base Points such Member would have earned for such purchase, pursuant to the terms and conditions below.
  • The bonus Wyndham Rewards points earned by a Member pursuant to these Promotion Terms (the “Double Points Bonus”) will be posted to such Member’s Member account within 45 days following the completion of such Member’s Offer Qualifying Purchase.
  • All purchases are subject to the retailer’s terms and conditions. Any purchase that is returned or exchanged does not count as an Offer Qualifying Purchase, and Wyndham Rewards reserves the right to remove any Double Points Bonus awarded in connection therewith from the account(s) of the applicable Member(s).
  • For clarity, any purchase that is completed before or after the Promotion Period (as defined above), will not be counted towards the Double Points Offer.
  • Members who have elected to earn airline miles or rail points in their Member profile will earn Wyndham Rewards points in accordance with the terms and conditions below and these Promotion Terms.
  • The Double Points Offer is not transferable and may not be substituted for any other offer.
  • The Double Points Offer cannot be combined with any other promotion, sale, discount or other offer.
  • In the event an Offer Qualifying Purchase qualifies for any other promotion or offer which would yield greater points earning for the Member than would be realized pursuant to this Double Points Offer (a “Better Offer”), the Better Offer will be deemed to prevail.
  • Wyndham Rewards, Inc. may cancel or modify the Double Points Offer without notice.
  • The Double Points Offer is subject to full terms and conditions below, in addition to these Promotion Terms, and is void where prohibited.

Quick Thoughts

Wyndham Rewards launched its own shopping portal back on April 3, 2019, but I’ve largely ignored it so far as it didn’t seem to offer particularly good rates. When I noticed that they were offering double points for the next month, I was a lot more interested as they appeared to be offering some good rates for certain retailers.

The terms and conditions weren’t entirely clear as to how the double points would be calculated. It says:

Double points will be calculated on the Base Points such Member would have earned for such purchase

Looking at the Macy’s rate, it’s at 8x until the end of today (November 3) and will then revert back to 3%. That potentially leaves open three ways that points could be earned:

  • 16x: 8x doubled
  • 11x: 8x plus 3x (based on what seems to be its Base Points rate)
  • 8x: If double Base Points are calculated, Macy’s would only be worth 6x as 3x appears to be its Base Points rate. I doubt they’d reduce an 8x rate to 6x, so you’d just end up with 8x.

Doing those calculations was a moot point though as the terms and conditions miss out a key piece of information that only seems to be listed on the image shown above:

All displayed earn rates included have already been doubled.

That makes this promotion less interesting than it would have been otherwise. Using the example above, it seems like you’d only earn 8x at MAcy’s as that’s the displayed earn rate.

Similarly, Groupon is currently listed at 16x. If that was doubled to 32x, that would be an incredible rate and easily the best rate we’ve seen for Groupon for the past 15 months.

Groupon Best Rate History

Instead, it seems like you’d only earn the advertised 16x rate which, to be fair, is still a decent rate (although you can earn 20% through Samsung Pay).

It’s therefore unlikely that the Wyndham Rewards shopping portal will offer you the best rate in most cases even with this double points promotion once you take into the relative value of these points compared to other points/miles or straight cashback. Having said that, if you only need a few hundred points in order to book a free night or Go Fast rate, their portal might be worth looking at

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Yup, no sense doing the math – WYSIWYG. The rates are base + any “limited time increase” + base. So Apple, whose base rate was 1X and its limited-time rate was 2X, is increased to 3X. Since the limited-time rate ends 11/25, it’ll go to 2X at that point (unless there’s another limited-time bonus); since the doubling ends Dec 2, we can expect that without a subsequent limited-time bonus, it’ll be 2X through Dec 2 and 1X after that.