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$500 transfer from Fidelity brokerage worked for me.


I got my bonus quickly! The $500 direct deposit came in on 9/29, got the bonus $250 already on 10/5.
I didn’t notice any requirements to keep the money in the account for any certain amount of time. Am I good to pull out the full $750 and leave $0 in the account without getting any fees or risking clawback of the bonus?


Anybody do a push from ALLY to Amex and get the bonus? I don’t see any DPs here suggesting so.


Tried, didn’t work for me


I was rejected, with the only explanation being I had previously closed another American Express account, which isn’t true (other than a corporate card that was closed several years ago).

Tim T

9-19-23 Data point: My application was canceled for having been “approved for a similar product”. That verbiage was repeated by 2 separate reps. I called twice. Aka the Business checking acct. Even if I close the business account, the system will still have a record that I was “approved” for a business account before. Most banks would love for someone to have both personal and business accounts. Not Amex apparently. There is no ETA foe the fix. So for those of us who took advantage of the business bonus, we are SOL until further notice. What a bunch of crap.


I was an Amex Checking Account client in 2022 and had a horrible experience with them. I was unable to withdraw cash abroad (Italy) due to a technical error on their end that took an entire week to resolve. We were in Venice, and I asked if they could send me cash (needed it for cash only activities we had booked) and they said that was not possible. The best they could offer was to waive the cash withdrawal fee on my Amex Platinum (but I’d still be charged interest).

At the the time, it was also impossible to transfer money between the Amex Savings and Amex Checking accounts. I hear this has since been resolved. Anyways, terrible experience, you have been warned. 🙂


Showed up on my AMEX Offers and benefits. Signed up. Chase is offering $900 to open a checking and a savings account, looking into that.


I’ve only seen the $600 Chase offer for a new checking and savings account, are you seeing $900 anywhere publicly?

VIS, click on checking account.


I think the offer/banner must be targeted. I clicked on checking account from in my normal browser (Chrome) and found the normal $600 offer for opening checking and savings. When I tried Edge, I saw offers for $100 or $200 for a new checking account alone (no $600 offer). Anyone else have data points?


Supposedly Amex is aware of the Business Checking “issue” and is working to “resolve” it. Whether or not this happens, or happens in time for the 12/10/23 deadline remains to be seen.


The “Direct Deposit” must be an ACH deposit FROM AN EMPLOYER OR THE GOVERNMENT. So for us self-employed folks, that narrows the field…


I was taking it directly from their T&C, but I’d love to see data points to the contrary. It specifically forbids other ACH transactions as triggers. Knowing Amex’s propensity for clawbacks on SUBs, I’m wary.


It worked for me.


I played around with whether the debit card would code as debit at merchants who charge a percentage surcharge on credit (eg., 2-3%) and no surcharge on debit. In my very small sample, the debit card was mistakenly recognized as credit every time. I think the computer processor sees American Express and game over. Never had that problem with PayPal Key during its way-too-short useful lifetime. Glad to be proven wrong, but I’m not sure this account serves any long-term purpose.


Amex does not participate in US debit network,it runs a closed system. So all amex cards are treated as credit.


That explains a lot. Thank you!


I was rejected lol

No reason given, but I’m in popup jail…so I’m sure amex would say “it’s not you, it’s me”