Enterprise status match giving status through February 2026 (match from hotel, airline & car rental programs)


Enterprise is currently running a status match opportunity that’ll provide Silver, Gold or Platinum status through February 2026. Not only does the status last for more than 18 months if you apply now, but you can also match from more than 40 different airline, hotel and car rental loyalty programs.

Enterprise Status Match

The Deal

Key Terms

  • A status match will be granted upon review and approval to members with valid elite status in any one of a variety of travel loyalty programs (i.e. hotel, airlines, car rental.)
  • Matched status is valid through February 28 of the second calendar year following the member’s status match approval.
  • To maintain matched status, the member must meet the standard qualifications, which are as follows: 6 rentals in the full calendar year following a status match for Enterprise Plus Silver membership; 12 rentals or 40 rental days in the full calendar year following a status match for Enterprise Plus Gold membership; 24 rentals or 85 rental days in the full calendar year following a status match for Enterprise Plus Platinum.

Quick Thoughts

There’s nothing on the status match website stating which other loyalty programs are eligible, nor how those existing status levels will match across to either Silver, Gold or Platinum status. However, seeing as they state that you can match from more than 40 different programs, pretty much every major airline, hotel or car rental status should be eligible.

Even if you don’t travel frequently enough to earn elite status organically, many travel credit cards offer status of some sort. For example:

  • Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant – Platinum status
  • Hilton Amex cards – Silver, Gold or Diamond status depending on the card
  • Amex Platinum and Business Platinum – Hilton Gold, Marriott Gold, Avis Preferred Plus, Hertz President’s Circle and National Executive status
  • IHG Premier and Business – Platinum status
  • Capital One Venture X – Hertz President’s Circle
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve – National Executive status

If there’s any likelihood that you’ll rent from Enterprise in the next ~20 months, it could be worth submitting a status match request seeing as the status will be valid through February 28, 2026 and there’s no knowing how long this opportunity will last.

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Worth noting, since you can rent from enterprise using your emerald club (national) number, there is a separate status match for emerald club here: https://status.emeraldclub.com/

(just entered my hyatt globalist, will report back with results)


follow-up: was given Executive Elite within a few hours

Anish Shah

Did anyone else only get matched until 2/25? Might have to send in a ticket to customer service….


Same here


Ditto. I wonder if it will automatically convert to 2026 next February???

Anish Shah

I just called and this is what they said. It’ll automatically update next 2/25.


Thanks for confirming.

Kurt S

Hilton Diamond approved for Platinum status


I matched Hertz President Circle to Enterprise Platinum.

The status you deserve.
Welcome to Enterprise Plus Platinum membership.
Congratulations! Your request for a status match as an Enterprise Plus® Platinum member has been approved. Please allow up to seven business days for your membership to reflect the upgrade.

Your Enterprise Plus Platinum membership entitles you to these additional benefits:
Four free car-class upgrade certificates per program year
A 20% accelerator bonus on qualifying dollars spent*
A higher level of recognition based on rental activity
Members-only check-in at participating locations
Plus, with every qualifying rental, you’ll earn valuable points that don’t expire as long as you remain an active member.§ You can use your points for free rental days (covers base rate, Time and Mileage only) for any car on any day — with no blackout dates1 — at participating Enterprise® locations worldwide. So, be sure to rent with Enterprise whenever you travel to earn free rental days faster.
§Active member is defined by having qualifying point activity at least once in a 36 month period. Points expire 36 months from last qualifying Enterprise Plus program rental or points earning event.

*Points are earned on qualifying dollars, but are not earned on fuel, taxes, surcharges and nonqualifying rentals.

Randy W.

Data point: I matched Hyatt Globalist to Platinum. I received an email confirmation within a couple of hours after my submission.


You can just rent from Enterprise using your National credentials and earn National credits, which is overall a better program.


As an Executive Elite member with National, you get 1 free rental day after five rentals. Much more lucrative than Enterprise points in my opinion.


Another DP. Marriott Platinum matched to Enterprise Platinum.


Same DP for me.


DP but I just submitted my IHG Platinum Elite status to Enterprise and was matched to Enterprise Platinum (was Enterprise Gold previously)


Will it work if I already have top tier status with Enterprise until 2025?


did not work to match from National Exec Elite (obtained via Plat Amex)

Big bob

What is the usual duration of a status match from enterprise? When I was looking earlier this year I noticed it was limited, so it was going to wait until right before I needed a rental. I’m wondering if this deal gives you status significantly longer than the normal match. Thanks Stephen


it’s written in the post

Big bob

No, it doesn’t. It states what the current offer duration is, but not the duration of the normal status match offer.