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LATAM status match

LATAM Pass Offering Status Match For US (useful for Delta benefits)

We've seen numerous airline status match opportunities over the last couple of years and there's another one available now from LATAM. The appeal of...
how to get over 50 nights of vacation from a single card

[Free Carnival cruise is back] How to get free cruises by gaming casino status...

Free cruises sound like a scam, but it is currently possible to turn elite status earned from a single $95 credit card into months...

Frontier Status Match From Hotel Or Airline Programs

Frontier Airlines has another year-end promotion where you can "match" status from other airline, cruise and hotel programs. In reality, the promo is Frontier...

American Airlines back with instant status pass for Hyatt Elite Members (targeted)

Hyatt and American Airlines have offered reciprocal benefits for elite members in one or both of the programs for several years, involving points-earning and...
Hyatt American Airlines Partnership

New American Airlines / Hyatt status match & challenge; get Globalist with 20 nights

A few years ago American Airlines and Hyatt launched a partnership offering reciprocal benefits and earnings. At times we've seen status matches and challenges...
Wyndham Rewards Status Match Relaunch

Wyndham Rewards status match is back & it’s very generous

In the early days of the pandemic, Wyndham Rewards stopped its status match program. What we'd hoped was just a temporary pause in the...

(EXPIRED) Spirit Airlines Launches a New Status Match Program (Ends Sunday)

Update: Spirit has announced that this program will end on Sunday, April 23rd at 11:59 Pacific. Last call for those who are interested. Spirit Airlines...

Our experience booking a “free” MSC Cruise

I've written quite a bit about "free" cruises lately, and over the past couple of days my wife and I have booked a couple...

Adventures in Atlantic City fishing for another free cruise

I recently took my third cruise of the past 4.5 months. We've got several non-cruise trips planned this year, but I often say that...

Match Hyatt status to MGM Rewards again

Update 2/28/23: Reminder that it's time to match back from Hyatt to MGM again to stay on the merry-go-round. Many people will have earned...
ITA Airways Volare Status Extension

ITA Airways Extending Status For Another Year For (Some?) Previous Status Matchers

ITA Airways sent a pre-Christmas gift this past week that you might have overlooked if you were eligible for it. When ITA launched their Volare...

How to cruise for free (or close to it) with Royal Caribbean and Carnival

I never thought I would be excited about cruises, but it turns out that learning how to cruise for free (well, almost free) has...
Spirit Status Match Challenge

Spirit Offering Status Match Challenge

Spirit launched a status match challenge last week that could be useful if you have plans to fly with them in the next few...

(EXPIRED) Parlay American Airlines Status Into Hyatt Status With This Status Fast Track (register...

A few years ago Hyatt and American Airlines announced a partnership that offered reciprocal benefits for elite members in one or both of the...

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