Extreme Stacking PetSmart

By Anita, FM Lab Manager

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Extreme Stacking at PetSmart.com means you can save up 30% on necessities for pet owners, and in many cases can get them delivered to your door for free.  You can stack:

  • Discount gift cards
  • Portal rewards
  • Credit card rewards
  • Coupon codes

Although the potential savings are huge, the steps are simple:

Step 1:  Buy discounted gift card through a portal, earning cash back and credit card rewards.

Step 2:  Shop through a portal to buy merchandise, earning cash back.  Pay with discounted gift card.  Apply coupon codes if available for greater savings.

Gift Cards

PetSmart gift cards are always available at a discount through re-sellers.  The average discount is over 17% and has been as high as 27%.

Important: Be sure to buy eGift cards, as physical gift cards can only be used in-store.

Portal Rewards

You can find the best current portal offers here.  It’s usually possible to earn 5% to 8% cash back.  Currently the best options are 7% at Upromise or 4 points / $ at Chase’s Ultimate Rewards portal.

PetPerks Loyalty Program

If you provide your pet’s birthday in your online profile, you will receive a coupon on their birthday.  However, in my experience the coupon is of limited value because it can be used in-store only.  I’ve been a member of PetPerks for years and have never gotten a single benefit.  If any readers are getting good value from this program, please give us details in the comments.

Coupon Codes

PetSmart usually offers coupon codes directly from their website.  Currently they are offering an online-only discount of 5-10% on most items.

Free Shipping

There are several ways to avoid shipping charges when ordering from PetSmart.com.

  • Pick up in store.  This is your best option for food orders.
  • Spend $49 or more on eligible items.  Bulky and heavy items such as food are excluded.
  • For American Express cardholders, use ShopRunner Free Shipping.  Again, food and other bulky items are not eligible but is great for treats and other pet supplies.


  1. Shopping through Splender.com, navigate to Raise.com and buy PetSmart eGift card at 21.3% discount.  Spend $78.70 for a $100 eGift card.  Earn $1.57 (2%*78.70) cash back at Raise.com, and 236 Citi Thank You points by paying with the AT&T Access More card which earns 3x for online shopping.
  1. Shopping through Chase Ultimate Rewards, buy merchandise at PetSmart and earn 4 UR per $.  Apply available coupon codes.

Rewards and Portal Payouts:

  • Raise.com – 2% cash back at Splender
  • PetSmart  – 4 points / $ at Chase Ultimate Rewards
  • ATT Access More earns 3x for online shopping at Raise.com


  • Total Out of Pocket Cost: $78.70 for $100 eGift card
  • Points / Cash Back Earned:
    • $1.57 Raise.com
    • 400 Chase Ultimate Rewards Points
    • 236 Thank You Points

If we value Ultimate Rewards and ThankYou points at just 1 cent each, then we get to a final Cost for $100 worth of merchandise: $78.70 – $1.57 – $4.00 – $2.36 = $70.77.

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