Founderscard free trial for 3 months (then $395/yr)


Founderscard is currently offering three months free when you sign up now for a free trial with promo code VIPAWARD. Annual membership is then billed at $395 per year. This might be a good way to get a taste of Founderscard without the big up-front investment.

The Deal

Key Details

  • Available for new members only
  • Application is subject to approval
  • Some benefits may not be available during the trial period

Quick Thoughts

This offer is being marketed to Award Wallet members who have “verified elite status” with at least one major program, but it appears to be open to anyone.

For those unfamiliar, Founderscard has been around for years and is essentially a program that offers elite status (or sometimes elite status fast tracks), negotiated hotel discounts, etc. It has been around for years and is not a credit card. I meet people at conferences every year that love Founderscard and swear they get a good value with it. I’ve honestly never been drawn to it as some of the elite statuses offered aren’t difficult to get through credit cards / matches. The terms indicate that some benefits may not be available during the trial period, but it does not specify which benefits aren’t available. This certainly could be worthwhile to check it out and see if things like their hotel discounts work out well for you, but be sure to set yourself a reminder for the end of your trial period so you can decide to keep or cancel.

Keep in mind that this is a membership for which you apply, so your application is subject to approval. I’m not sure what the approval process entails, but it is not instant.

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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