FoundersCard offering Caesars Rewards Diamond status again


FoundersCard used to offer Diamond status with Caesars Rewards, but that opportunity ended 6 weeks ago in what appeared to be a premature Ides of March situation.

Thankfully it seems to have only been a temporary disruption to normally scheduled service because reader Jay has shared that Diamond status is back among the list of benefits of FoundersCard.

FoundersCard Caesars Rewards partnership

The Deal

Key Terms

  • Complimentary status valid through January 31, 2025.
  • Upgrade takes up to five weeks for processing, and cannot be expedited.

Quick Thoughts

Diamond status with Caesars can be a very useful benefit to have thanks to it offering waived resort fees, complimentary parking and more. It’s also a great on-ramp to the status match opportunities with other casino programs that can get you all kinds of free cruises.

Something important to note is that the small print with FoundersCard states that it can take up to five weeks for your status upgrade request to be processed and that it can’t be expedited. I’m not sure if that lengthy timeline is something that should be expected or if they’re just trying to manage expectations and that in reality it’ll get processed more quickly. However, if you’re planning a trip to Vegas in the next five weeks, I’d manage my expectations accordingly and wouldn’t count on Diamond status showing up in time.

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[…] FoundersCard offering Caesars Rewards Diamond status again by FM. […]


It’s worth noting that the fine print says the Celebration Dinner must be earned by getting 100 Tier Credits.


Why even cover Founderscard? It’s a mostly useless, overpriced garbage


But why spend $600 on this when you can get Caesars for $100 through wyndham?

Mae Zieg

You can’t get the Wyndham card with an ITIN. So that’s relevant to many many people on this blog.

Travis S.

Barclay can be finicky. I’ve had many Barclay personal cards and the approval process has always been like rolling the dice. Unlike other banks, I’ve also never been able to get a business card with Barclays. I wish I could go that easy route, but for now I think this might be worth it for the Caesars Diamond status and free cruises.


I had the Founders Card for a few years and ultimately found little enduring value . . . for me. And, I would say the same for most hobbyists. But, *some* of the discounts can be of value to *some* business owners.

For some, the Founders Card’s true value can only be appreciated if one also has JetBlue top-tier status and Blade flight vouchers. Greg?

Travis S.

Hi Lee, how is Founders Club useful if you have founders club and top tier JetBlue with the Blade transfers? I have both. Thanks!