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Waking up in Vegas: Results of Nick’s Las Vegas status match run

Last month, I wrote about planning an epic Las Vegas status match run. In this post, I wanted to share an update with our...
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How to get free cruises by gaming casino status matches

Free cruises sound like a scam, but it is currently possible to turn elite status earned from a single $95 credit card into months...
FoundersCard Caesars Rewards partnership

FoundersCard offering Caesars Rewards Diamond status again

FoundersCard used to offer Diamond status with Caesars Rewards, but that opportunity ended 6 weeks ago in what appeared to be a premature Ides...
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(EXPIRED) $40 back on $200 at Caesars properties in Las Vegas w/ new targeted...

There's a new Amex Offer out today that's good for $40 back on $200 or more at Caesars properties in Las Vegas. That can...
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How to Match Wyndham Status To Caesars Rewards (reminder to match again)

If you're a Wyndham Diamond member by virtue of being a Wyndham Business Earner cardholder, it's time to match your Wyndham status back to...
Tim Steinke

Tim’s 2024 Elite Status Plans

It can be discouraging to see the meters and charts that track our various elite statuses reset to empty as the clock strikes 12:00...
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Amex expands once in a lifetime family language, MGM gets hacked and airline jilts...

Amex continues to expand once in a lifetime family language, massive data breaches at MGM and an airline jumps ship from Star Alliance to...
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(EXPIRED) Caesars: SimplyMiles + Citi Offer stack (Back Again)

Update 9/4/23: We had previously reported this stack a few months ago. I believe it expired at some point, but I just noticed both...
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(EXPIRED) Caesars Las Vegas Amex Offer: Spend $200 & Get $40 Back

A new Amex Offer for Caesars properties in Las Vegas is available which can save you up to 20% during a trip to Vegas. The...
Wyndham Rewards Diamond Status Fast Track

(EXPIRED) (Targeted) Get Wyndham Diamond Status With 1 Stay

Wyndham Rewards sent out an interesting targeted email yesterday inviting some members to take part in a status fast-track promotion. They're giving Diamond (and,...
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(EXPIRED) Caesars Diamond members: Now get $50 UberEats credit or $100 Celebration dinner with...

A reader recently pointed out that Caesars Diamond status appeared to have a new benefit option that some readers will find appealing: you now...
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Trouble matching Wyndham to Caesars? Here’s a solution.

Over the past couple of years, we've written about lots of ways to get "free" cruises (in quotation marks because there is usually some...
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(EXPIRED) Match Caesars Diamond back to Wyndham Diamond

It's that time of year again: if you currently have Caesars Diamond status but your Wyndham Rewards status has dropped back down to "Blue"...
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(EXPIRED) Caesars Rewards Citi Offer: Spend $150 & Get $30 Back

There's a new Citi Offer that can save you up to 20% when staying at Caesars Rewards properties. The Deal Earn $30 on a purchase...

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