FoundersCard no longer providing Caesars Diamond status


FoundersCard is a membership program presumptively for small business owners to get a range of benefits ranging from fashion discounts to elite statuses. One of the long-standing benefits of Founders Card has been that those with a fully paid FoundersCard membership (which can cost between $295 and $595) had long been able to secure Caesars Diamond status simply by requesting it through FoundersCard. This has been a method to match around for free cruises without getting the Wyndham Earner Business Credit Card, but unfortunately Miles to Memories reported a few days ago that Caesars Diamond is no longer a FoundersCard benefit.

Caesars Rewards Status Match

A commenter at Reddit noticed and inquired a few days ago about the benefit no longer being offered. They reported receiving this response from FoundersCard:

I’m sorry to report that the Caesars benefit is no longer active unfortunately. We have just removed it from our site, and we are actively working on a replacement for this benefit. I’m so sorry for any disappointment. We have been working with Caesars for about a decade so this was not expected, otherwise we wouldn’t have told you just a few days ago that we could get your status corrected

We do have about 500 other benefits of Membership as well that I hope you will take advantage of.

If you have any other questions about this please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Unfortunately, it sounds like FoundersCard didn’t see this coming and doesn’t have any power to facilitate matches for any members who did not match before the partnership got pulled.

Miles to Memories wondered whether the end of this partnership may also mean that the writing is on the wall for Wyndham Earner Business cardholders matching their Wyndham Diamond status to Caesars Diamond. My wife and I both submitted match requests to Caesars on February 1st and as of the time of writing, neither of us has yet seen our Caesars status update to Diamond. However, we have received positive data points from some readers, so it seems that matches are still happening, albeit slowly. Still, last night I followed up as per what I reported last year in this post.

Hopefully matches continue unabated from Wyndham because it would be a shame to also lose Caesars Diamond after the demise of the Hyatt/MGM partnership.

This is also a big blow for FoundersCard. I briefly tried out FoundersCard a couple of years ago and while I guessed that the United Airlines discount might work out for someone who purchased many United revenue fares, I ultimately didn’t find a ton of value myself. I definitely would have considered the automatic match to Caesars to be one of the most valuable (though given the path to Caesars through Wyndham, I obviously didn’t value that benefit highly enough to maintain a FoundersCard membership). Still, given the multitude of free cruise opportunities that could sprout from Diamond status, it was potentially worth signing up for FoundersCard for someone who couldn’t get approved for the Wyndham Earner Business card or who didn’t think they qualified for business credit cards. It’s a bummer to lose this path for that crowd.

Hopefully, FoundersCard will add some creative new benefits since I’ve always gotten the sense that Caesars Diamond was a draw for many of the folks from our circles who joined.

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Caesars Diamond has just been added back today – FC Benefit appears to have been reinstated through 2/1/2025. No idea if this will last through 2026, however.

Jared C

I can’t seem to get approved for the Wyndham Earners card, and I have tried several times. I believe it is because of my inquiries. Is there any other way to Caesard diamond aside from spending? Are any other matches that can be worked?

Joe R

Same situation here as many – due for renewal very soon and noticed Caesar benefit was missing (actually cross checked with this article). Overall been a good experience with FC, but this benefit was far and away the reason I’ve used, especially the last few years. Btw still snowing as Diamond, but expect that to fall off once I don’t renew

On a related note, I have had problems trying to do the Wyndham Diamond to Caesar Diamond match back for my wife. Kept getting an error message and via chat was told system was down until early March. Anyone found a workaround with this? Been trying a couple weeks and have a Vegas trip in a few more that this would make a positive impact on. Thanks!


submitted a SM request on Feb 10; today shows Diamond

Matthew Fisher

I got my annual Caesar’s Diamond from FoundersCard less than 2 weeks ago. This must’ve been a very recent change. This also greatly reduces the value of FC for me. I definitely get value other ways but this will make me take a hard look in December when I have to renew. I go to Atlantis every year essentially for free with this benefit that gives massively outsized return on the annual fee. I know that in the fine print that Atlantis is supposed to be only for those who have earned status with tier credits, but I never have an issue when booking through the Atlantis casino team.


My Caesars match to Diamond from Wyndham was successful this year. I applied for the match in late January when I saw my Caesar status had dropped to Gold and attempted the match again in early February since I wasn’t sure if I did the match too soon.


I just checked after reading this post and my Ceasars Diamond match from Wyndham has gone through. Submitted a few weeks ago and was showing up as Gold on Friday so looks like it is alive and kicking for at least another year!


Received a Wyndham to Caesar Diamond match sometime last night. Seems to still work.

Mark Dye

Just received my Diamond status match from Wyndham Business Earner card last night.


I had Founders Card for a few years. For most, its strength is affording tier status when one can’t otherwise obtain it. The other benefits, such as discounts at a range of providers, are highly dependent on one’s situation. For some people, Founders Card might be a great fit. For me, the discounts provided no value that I couldn’t obtain elsewhere. And, it offered no tier status I wanted that I didn’t already have. So, I dropped it.

FWIW, I had attended Founders Card gatherings. Interestingly, a fair number of people expressed having difficulty finding value in the card.