(EXPIRED) Get 1-3 Year Private Internet Access VPN For Free Via TopCashback

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If you travel a lot and/or frequently use public Wi-Fi networks, you might have considered getting a VPN (Virtual Private Network) in order to have a secure and encrypted connection on those Wi-Fi networks.

If you’ve been undecided about which one of the many different VPN options to go for, TopCashback has an offer for the Private Internet Access VPN that lets you take it for a free test drive for up to three years.

Private Internet Access 100% cashback TopCashback

The Deal

  • Get 100% cashback from TopCashback on the following Private Internet Access subscription plans:
    • Monthly
    • 1 year
    • 2 year
    • 3 year
  • Direct link to offer.

Key Terms

  • Expiry date unknown.

Quick Thoughts

I’ve relied almost exclusively on hotel and Airbnb Wi-Fi networks for the last 4.5 years and have used Private Internet Access as my VPN for that entire time. In fact, I think it was Greg who’d recommended it to me in the first place as I think it’s the VPN he uses too.

I’m not a VPN expert and I suspect there are contrasting viewpoints as to what the best VPN is. For the average person looking for a VPN though, I imagine that Private Internet Access will be a solid solution for your requirements.

It’s easy to set up, easy to use and you can default to either having it start automatically when your computer starts up or manually turning it on if you only need to use it occasionally. There’s a simple on-off switch and you have the choice of at least 70 countries you can appear to be in if necessary.

Another great feature of Private Internet Access is that your subscription is valid on up to 10 devices simultaneously. That means a family of four who each have a computer and smartphone along with a couple of household tablets can use the service on all those devices for the price of one subscription.

To try this out for free, all you have to do is take out a Private Internet Access subscription after clicking through from TopCashback, subsequently earning 100% cashback from TopCashback on all their plans. What’ll make sense for most people is to pay for the 3 year subscription for $79 and get $79 back from TopCashback; that way if you like the service, you won’t have to pay for it again until May 2025. Choosing their monthly plan doesn’t make much sense as the 100% cashback will likely only be applicable on your first month’s payment, rather than on every monthly payment in perpetuity.

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did anyone get their cashback ? mine is still pending


is add-on also 100% cashback such as dedicated IP add-on ?


Thanks FM team for this. great $56 towards min. spend and free VPN. I subscribed for this yesterday and the cachback tracked to my account today (the charge on my AMEX is still pending! lol).

Now I just have to wait until the cashback becomes withdrawable.



Assuming you have a home just create your own VPN…


That’s not really useful for getting around geo-blocking or providing anonymity, unless you’re prepared to also rent server space around the world. Or is it?

Ryan del Mundo

Thanks! Another $60 towards my min spend and free VPN. Sadly I had just renewed my previous VPN for 5 more months, but 26 months of free will make up for that! Like others, couldn’t get 3 years to show. Cheers!

Last edited 6 months ago by Ryan del Mundo

> I’m not a VPN expert and I suspect there are contrasting viewpoints as to what the best VPN is. For the average person looking for a VPN though, I imagine that Private Internet Access will be a solid solution for your requirements.

PIA was purchased (with considerable debt) in 2019 by a malware distributor. You get what you pay for.


Actually, the company that recently bought PIA didn’t distribute malware themselves; their (legitimate) software was used nefariously by someone else to distribute malware/adware, as I understand it. There’s extensive writing on this at restoreprivacy(dot)com.


RestorePrivacy is a shill affiliate spam website.

They don’t even list Mullvad.

An actual resource: https://www.privacytools.io


Is there any bonus available for joining TopCashBack?


PSA: Always research the background and ownership of any VPN you’re considering.


3 year option is not showing up. I tried the incognito trick and tried a private window with Safari. In neither case to I get the 3 year option. Anyone having any luck?


Same same


Any insight if you can use this to *extend* a current subscription?


PIA is not a solution to allow you to stream. Most major services block access when using PIA, even when in the US physically connecting to a US server.

Also, Swagbucks had a similar offer. It did not code correctly for me, but after an email, they gave me the full amount, so pay attention here I guess.


not much use if I can’t stream when I am traveling outside the USA


thats a deal breaker. Is there a listing of which VPNs work best for streaming from other countries?


Which server? I can never get Hulu to work in US airport lounges connected to US servers.


I’ve used PIA for years. Netflix and HBOMax never used to work from me, but they have been recently if I use the “Streaming Optimized” servers.


Somehow I have missed trying the option. I read an article recently about PIA not being the best that confirmed my expierence.


I made a mistake and went with the 2 years + 3months since I didn’t see the 3 year option. If you don’t see the 3 year option, open it in incognito (when I did this after signing up for 2 years, I saw a 3 year option as the promo)


How will i track if you open in incognito mode then? I only see 2 years and 2 months free.


Yep, that makes sense! Silly me for losing a year. Win some, lose some…


I am doing that and it doesn’t show up. I received a link from chat though for the 3 years. If I just purchase through that I assume it won’t track with TopCashback?

Manish Vanjani

I don’t see 3 year option in regular or incognito mode.


3 year option appears to be incompatible w/ TopCash offer. I got a referral link direct from PIA, but no way to use it when going through TopCash. Guess 2Y+2M is the best option.


seems to be super incompatible with TCB. I tried the trick of clicking through TCB, then manually pasting in the address that gets you the 3 year offer. If you select that offer and go to checkout, you will actually only have the 2 year deal.


Yeah did that also and even tried changing the URL to 3Y and 3M. Gave up and pulled the trigger on the 2 years. Figure by then another offer will come around for another vpn.


Same. Interestingly enough, when I used another VPN (Proton – a fabulous VPN that has a free version for non-streaming use) to get a different IP address, the 3 year offer appeared. But as soon as I logged into TCB, it reverted to 2 year, no matter if I used the 3 year URL. I guess I’ll settle for 2 and try it out.