Get matched to 50K upgrade offer on Marriott Premier Plus [YMMV]


If you previously received a poor upgrade offer from the Marriott Rewards Premier to the Premier Plus card, you may be able to match to the new 50K offer even if you previously accepted a lesser offer. When the Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Plus card launched earlier this year, Chase provided varying upgrade offers between 10K-50K for those who held the no-longer-available-for-new-applicants Marriott Rewards Premier card. Now, most people qualify for a 50K offer and many have had success in matching to that offer from previously-accepted lower offers.

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The Deal

  • Many users now seeing a 50K upgrade offer as shown above [Check your offer here]
  • Many users who previously accepted a lesser offer have successfully matched to the 50K offer by sending a secure message to Chase

Quick Thoughts

If you haven’t yet upgraded, you can easily check your current upgrade offer at the link under The Deal above. Most people are now seeing a 50K upgrade offer (even if they previously saw a lower offer).

A key uncovered by reddit and reported by Doctor of Credit today is that even those who upgraded months ago are successfully getting matched to the 50K offer via secure message (at least one reddit user reports upgrading in June for 10K points and getting matched to 50K now). There’s no guarantee that you’ll get matched, but there have been many reports of success. That might not last forever, so if you’ve previously accepted a lesser upgrade offer, I suggest sending a secure message right now asking to be matched to the new 50K upgrade offer.

Keep in mind that if your anniversary date has not yet passed, you’ll miss out on the chance to stack 15 elite nights for 2018 if you upgrade early. You’ll also increase your annual fee from $85 to $95, though you’ll get a potentially more useful 35K free night. You’ll lose the chance to earn an elite night for every $3K in spend, which is also a consideration if you’re on the verge of a qualification tier. But 50K points are certainly worth a decent chunk, so it may be worth the trade for some.

H/T: reddit via Doctor of Credit

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Both my husband and I were ‘offered’ the 50k upgrade offer and were thrilled but checked today and BOTH of us only received 10k crediIt. Unfortunately realize that I didn’t take a screenshot to that I think that would be particularly helpful given it is completely generic with nothing to indicate it was for your account. Not sure how Marriott IT can’t get simple functionality to work.


I sent a private message for both me and my husband’s account and got rejected for 90 days window.

Then I tried again and sent another private messages for both me and my husband’s account. For the second time, I was offered 30000 points, but my husband got rejected again for the same reason.

Maybe try again for my husband’s account and hope for a nice agent.


I upgraded back in July for 10k points. Just sent a secure message. Wish me luck!!


🙁 From Chase:

Thank you for contacting Chase in regards to a richer
reward on your account ending in xxxx.

Mark, I regret to inform you that your account is not
eligible for the new offer you requested. The upgrade took
place over 90 days ago, therefore we will not be honoring
your request.

We appreciate and value your banking relationship. It is
important to us that we address your needs as a Chase


I sent a PM to Chase 2 days ago and got 30,000 extra points. My husband tried the same approach the next day and was turned down by Chase. Has anyone had better luck by calling?


I spoke to Chase today. Apparently there is a 3 month window in which they will match the 50K offer if you received less than the current offer. I missed that window by 4 days and I haven’t been able to get them to budge. If you call or send a private message to make the request, they follow up with a letter and copy it to your account. So when you call again they see that you have already been denied. I’ve been a cardholder for over 30 years and charge well over $50K per year and it didn’t make a bit of difference. So much for card loyalty. I have lifetime platinum elite status so I’ll keep my 4 cards for the free nights that get nice upgrades, but I’ll be changing the cards I use for purchases.


Just called in and was able to get them to match the points offer. The agent told me that the reason they are matching everyone is that an email went out offering 50,000 points to a lot of people with the card by mistake. They don’t have the ability to go back and figure out who actually got the 50,000 points email and who didn’t so they are just honoring anyone who calls in and makes the request.


Thanks so much for finding this, gang! Just this morning I sent a Secure Message to Chase about my upgraded Marriott Rewards Premier Plus account (performed this past June). My initial offer was 20,000 points for one purchase by year’s end (which I promptly completed), and after today they agreed that I was still eligible for this offer and are adding an additional 30,000 points to my Marriott account.

Couldn’t have done it without you!!!


This article is a great find for those who use Marriott and its Chase credit card.

I read the article thinking it was too good to be true.

I thought, what the heck, I will spend a few minutes and send a secure message to Chase and quote the article. I did that this morning.

This afternoon, I got a message from Chase telling me that based on my request, they already added 40,000 points to my Marriott account and that I will see the points on my next Chase statement.

Thank you very much for this great article that translates into actual useable money when staying at Marriott (which I do often).

Even if I bought 40,000 points it would cost me $500 – Such a deal –


No luck here. Was told it was over 90 days ago. Knew I should have held on for a little while longer for the upgrade.


How odd, I upgraded my old Marriott more than four months ago yet, this afternoon, I received a message from Chase telling me they added 40,000 points to my account.

Like Nick wrote, try again tomorrow – you will get a different agent working the Secure messages, hopefully


Thanks, Nick! I contacted Chase today and they promptly responded to say that the 20K credit would post within 30 days of my next statement.


Thanks Nick. Worked via Direct Message with Chase. Previously got 20k and they said they would add the 30k within a couple of billing cycles.


Who do I secure message? Chase? Marriot?? I took the 20K point and would like the 50K points!


Personal cards only, right? Not biz?


When do the 15 elite night credits for 2018 post? I got my Marriott Rewards premier card in February this year so would I lose those if I upgrade to the premier plus card now?


Thanks for the quick response! Will try to upgrade now!


Just upgraded!! I wanted to try and keep my platinum elite status past Feb 2020 (I got from getting Ritz Carlton card this year) but there is no way that I could spend enough or stay enough nights to do that this year, so I’ll take the extra 50,000 pts! 🙂