off some portals (including AAdvantage eShopping)

7 has been removed from some shopping portals. Doctor of Credit reports that this happens from time to time and isn’t cause for concern, but for those of us who left it to the end of the month to place an order, there goes one avenue for some easy American Airlines AAdvantage Loyalty Points.

a screenshot of a gift card
Unfortunately, you can’t get easy miles through right now as they have been removed from portals like AAdvantage eShopping, which was previously offering 3 miles per dollar as shown above.

This appears to affect multiple portals run by Cartera (which means most of the airline miles-earning portals and some of the hotel portals). That’s a bummer particularly because AAdvantage eShopping has been offering 3 miles per dollar spent almost all year long at (on up to $2,000 in orders per month). That’s been an easy 6,000 miles / Loyalty Points for many people.

Fortunately, this doesn’t (yet) appear to affect other portals. Truthfully, American Airlines hasn’t had the best payout for I’ve regularly been seeing 6-8% cash back through Capital One Shopping targeted offers, which means that I’d effectively be buying American Airlines miles at a cost of around 2.7 cents per mile if I chose miles over cash back (Greg can argue that I’d lose the opportunity for 2.7c for each mile — any way you slice it, the choice is $160 versus 6,000 miles).

a screenshot of a gift card
I’ve recently had this offer for 8% back via Capital One Shopping.

Hopefully this is just a temporary change and it will get added back to the portal soon because I’m sure that many people are counting on getting easy Loyalty Points in January and February.

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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said: “That’s been an easy 6,000 miles / Loyalty Points for many people.”

Really, it was 8,000 easy LP per month. the extra 2,000 LP came from charging it to your AA affiliated Credit Card.

That was an 96K loyalty points a year.

I keep looking to to see if it’s back like a junkie looking for a fix.


Anyone experienced the same from Citi’s merchant offer ? Once your card has redeemed an offer from, you are not able to enroll any next offer from anymore…

Last edited 1 year ago by Yen

Waiting for to return to Aadvantage portal.


GiftCards purchases renewed my status with AA next year. I’m encouraged to hear this type of outage has happened before. I sure hope they come back with better tracking – I’ve spent hours reconciling and chasing points for un-credited purchases.


For what it’s worth made a gift purchase through the AA portal five days ago that hasn’t tracked yet. Normally I use Rakuten for without issue so not sure if AA normally has issues with cartera but now you’ve got me intrigued.


As a followup, emailed them 14 days after the purchase with screenshot of my receipt. Two days later I saw an email confirming I was correct and points transferred immediately. Have had mixed experience requesting credit for these kind of issues in the past but this was quick and painless, thanks Cartera.

Tahoe Trekker

Somewhat related, also unable to find Xbox gift cards at for utilizing the Amex Business Platinum credits. Looking for ideas on what to buy for digital delivery so the purchase date is before end of year 2022.