[Dead] GO! 5K each way Los Angeles to Auckland

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Update: It’s dead, Jim. Congrats to those who got in. Awesome deal.

No time for full details. Go to AA.com. On limited dates from January into early March, American Airlines is offering award flights between Los Angeles and Auckland, New Zealand for 5,000 miles each way under the Economy Web Specials. Book. Right. Now.

This is availability for THREE PASSENGERS. Book now, think later.

H/T: Spencer Howard of Straight to the Points and Doctor of Credit

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[…] personally went through all of these reasoning and debating the usage of my 5k award ticket to New Zealand, where there are very few cases of coronavirus. I ultimately canceled due to two reasons: I live […]

La Jo

Not true !


Now the hard part starts: Actually flying 14 hours in economy. You’ll recover about the time you’re due to return.


Untrue if ur in shape and the right seat (me) . I flew 12 hrs most ever AKL>LAX hit the P-thing then flew ORD then started work .I started work in SYD @ 10:30pm !!! .Not everyone is Rich and can book Bus. Class for the whole family the Poor (me) like to travel too.
Take Care !!!



You’re correct. My reply is snobbish. Is booking 4 business class seats so I can bring each of my cloned dogs ( and the original) considered obnoxious or just eccentric?


I like ur posts very rich people on this website which is Great . I just downgrade what u Bus Travelers do then get a better deal trip on mine that’s all . One block away hotel city view ect . My UK buddies banker son took his 2 dogs to Brisbane for $7k one way so u may be on the lite side with ur dogs.
Take Care


I know it’s too late, but a question — I have zero AA miles. Would these have been bookable with Avios or on Alaska for some reasonable amount?


No, the asking miles from your intended booking currency will stay the same despite aa has this sale.


Wow!! Was able to reserve one way for 2 on December 8, LAX to AKL, 6k each. I’ll figure out the return later. Thanks!!!!


All gone now, as far as I can tell. Found out an hour too late. Oh well, I’m going in May in Business Class anyway…but I would have bought tickets for my sister and her husband.


and this is why we cant have nice things… bloggers


Right, because you were just gonna stumble upon those before they pulled them.


You can still have nice things. Just shop at Goodwill. I’ve donated all my extra clothes there in sizes from medium to 4x because I’ve been all those sizes.
As far as airfare, just learn to fly. Problem solved


website down now??


Thanks for this! Couldn’t find dates to make a roundtrip work, but grabbed a one-way SFO-LAX-AKL in March for 7.5k. I assume I can figure out some other way back…

John Wang

looks dead now, everything up to 27.5k min now. was able to grab 1 ways for 2 from akl to lax for 6k. now gotta piece together how to get there.

John Wang

Might have to take a page from your 40k challenge. thanks for this post!


Where is the ‘Economy Web Specials’ button?

Kimbray Von Grosse

Gone now.. at least the 5K ones.


I don’t think you can book a full roundtrip anymore for 10,000. Still 45,000 round trip is basically half off, even if it’s in economy.


Going back to Niue already? Or catch your ferry this time? ^_^


You still can, but you need to leave in December and return in January. Basically you need to be there for more than a month. 12/8-1/17


booked for 4 people …massive thanks