(EXPIRED) More new Hilton spending offers: rack up easy points

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Over the past week or so, Amex has been sending out some excellent targeted spending offers on all of the personal Amex Hilton cards (the no-fee Hilton Honors card, the Hilton Ascend card, and the Hilton Aspire card). Yesterday, we reported on a spending offer for Amazon. Today, a reader shared another interesting offer for 20K points after $2K spend that could be repeated twice and our own Stephen Pepper received an offer to earn a bonus 10K points after just $200 spend at US supermarkets on top of the bonus he already receives at US supermarkets with his card. Either offer is an easy way to rack up a lot of points compared to the required spend.

Remember that these offers are targeted and you must enroll before meeting the required spend.

US Supermarket offer: Spend $200 on eligible purchases at US Supermarkets by 11/30/18, get 10,000 bonus Hilton Honors points

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Key Details: This looks like a really easy offer if you’re targeted. Stephen received it on the no-fee Hilton Honors card, which ordinarily earns 5x at US Supermarkets, so he would earn a total of 11,000 points on just $200 spend. Stephen has previously written about all of the places in the US where you can get a free night for 10K Hilton points (and which a 5th night free, that comes out to 8K per night), so I imagine he’ll spend $200 and earn himself a free night. That’s a great deal. Keep in mind that you must enroll first to earn the points. My wife actually also received this offer and both she and Stephen also received yesterday’s 10x offer at Amazon. Hilton is making it easy to earn some easy points!

Direct link to log in and see if you are targeted.

General spending offer: Earn 20K bonus points after $2K spend by 12/25/18 (up to 2 times)

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Key Details: This offer is like earning an extra 10x everywhere if you spend exactly $2K or $4K. Since we value Hilton points at 0.45c each, that’s like an extra return worth around 4.5% — on top of your normal earnings. And it is of course possible to get more value out of your points depending on how you use them. While this offer isn’t as strong as the US Supermarket offer above, it’s still a very good offer if you can meet the spend easily and without sacrificing spend on cards with better return. The above offer came on a Hilton Ascend card, so it’s also worth nothing that if you intend to spend $15K for the annual free weekend night and you can do a good chunk of that spend at a US Supermarket, this type of offer is totally worth stacking.

Direct link to log in and see if you are targeted

H/T to reader Kevin for this one! Thanks!

Have you received any other targeted spending offers on Hilton cards? What have you received?

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[…] More new Hilton spending offers: rack up easy points (Expires 11/30/18 & 12/25/18) […]

[…] More new Hilton spending offers: rack up easy points (Expires 11/30/18 & 12/25/18) […]


If you get this offer on the Ascend but upgrade to the Aspire, will it still apply?


I received the Amazon offer of 13,000 points plus the offer of 10,000 points for $200 spend at grocery stores. Immediately signed up fro both of them.

N Sproul

My husband got the $1000-10K (available 2x) and the 13 points Amazon up to $500 on his no fee Hilton; we have since also taken the upgrade offer to Aspire for 150K after 4K – so we should get at least 187K points for that $4000 spend; this card has largely been in the drawer this year. He also get the $2000-20K (2x) on his Ascend – which got regular use because we were going for the $15K free night. On my Aspire, I just got the $200 grocery-10K points and the Amazon offer; this card was also only pulled out for AmEx offers or Hilton spend. Happy to take all the bonus points but now I have a hard decision on Whistler spring break – free Hilton using his points or Ultimate Rewards Fairmont.

Peter Falk

My wife has got 2 other offers, spend 500 at Amazon for 13x the points and a variation on the general spend, spend 1000 USD and get 10k points twice. She also got the 200 USD on supermarkets for 10k points, she has one Ascend and one normal Hilton card, can no0t remember which offer came on which card, I did not get any of them, to add she has no spend on any of her cards for some 6 months so maybe that is why she was targeted.


Can I buy a gift card at the grocery store and get the points?


T&C says gift cards are not eligible purchases.


I received the first offer on my Amex HH Ascend card. They’ve offered me 6X for supermarket spend during the promo period which would come out to 11,200 points which is not too shabby. I am curious though, does the $200 spend have to occur as a single transaction? Or can it accumulate between multiple transactions during the period? I tried to read through the TOC but couldn’t really nail down this point.


My read of T&C is that its based on eligible purchases during the period, meaning that it’s cumulative.


@Bob, many thanks!