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Just last night we launched our 2024 annual challenge, “Flying by the Seat of our Points”, a travel challenge all about last-minute travel booking! Our readers have come to love following along on these fun, fascinating and sometimes grueling journeys where we tease out those “what-if” award booking scenarios in real life so you don’t have to. We share these stories as “real-time” as we can and on as many channels as we can.

Because of its fast-paced, photo-friendly nature, Instagram tends to be a great place for this kind of content. In this post, we’ll share a refresher on how you can follow along on Instagram.

Our 2024 team challenge Flying by the Seat of our Points tested our last minute award booking skills with a series of last minute travel challenges assigned and judged by Stephen and Carrie. Over the span of a week, Greg, Nick, and Tim used their knowledge, points, elite standings, and even upgrade instruments to tackle each challenge with the best combination of frugality and luxury they could, all before the next assignments were given. Final Scores: Tim won this challenge by the seat of his points! Calculations
Check out our contestant journals, recap videos, and more here. And follow us on Instagram, YouTube, and this blog to find out about our future challenges!

Finding and Watching Frequent Miler Stories on Instagram

Most of the videos and images we’re posting on instagram are visible in our “stories”. If you’re not familiar with what a story is, think of it like a scene in a short film about your day. Each day as we travel, we post videos to our stories. By the end of that day, there may be a whole collection of these short video clip “stories” to watch. Watch them while you can, because each story only lasts 24 hours (to make room for new stories.)

Here are some helpful tips for how to watch our Instagram stories.

How to search for us in Instagram.
How to Search for us in instagram (1)
Orange and pink circles mean there's a new story to watch. No orange and pink circle means there's no new story to watch.

When you open Instagram, it will show you who has new stories to watch at the top of the page.

How to Search for us in instagram (1)

White lines show you how many are left.

Highlight Reels

If there’s anything we missed that you still want to learn about, let us know. We want to make sure everyone who wants to follow along through stories is able to!

Try it out now: Frequent Miler Instagram !

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Would be really cool if you could link to the instagram photos directly – otherwise, you get those annoying popups to make you log in etc