Buy Discounted Iberia Avios from Groupon (Can Transfer to British Airways)


iberia avios sale groupon

Groupon Spain is offering vouchers for the discounted purchase of Iberia Avios. If you have both an Iberia and British Airways Avios account (with the Iberia account open for at least 90 days) then you can transfer Avios between them.

The discounted prices are:

  • 2,000 Avios – 19€ (~$21.46) – 65% discount
  • 4,000 Avios – 49€ (~$55.35) – 46% discount
  • 8,000 Avios – 99€ (~$111.82) – 40% discount
  • 12,000 Avios – 149€ (~$168.30) – 37% discount
  • 20,000 Avios – 259€ (~$292.54) – 33% discount


There is a limit of 5 vouchers or 100,000 Avios per user, except with the 2,000 Avios voucher where there is a limit of 1 per person.

Transferring to British Airways

Transferring Avios between accounts is fairly straightforward as long as your Iberia Avios account has been open for at least 90 days. For more info on transfers, see: Bet You Didn’t Know: 3 Methods To Transfer Avios Between Iberia and British Airways.

Other Considerations

  • Use a card with no foreign transaction fees.
  • You may be able to earn more Avios by starting your purchase through the IberiaPluStore.

For more information and analysis, see: this Loyalty Lobby post.

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Hi, I bought 5 groupons in June and activation worked without issues. But instead of posting to my Iberia account, I got the money back on my credit card last week. Did you hear anything like this before?

[…] Buy Discounted Iberia Avios from Groupon (Can Transfer to British Airways) […]


Why does it cost more per Avion with the higher quantity? Why not by several (10x) 2,000 increments which cost about $82 less.


*avios (spell check)


I tried to do this when they offered it in December. It was a total nightmare and I never got the Avios. In the end after months of dealing with Customer Service (en espanol), I couldn’t get the groupon to work and the avios to deposit. I had to initiate a chargeback with Paypal to get my money back. Many others on FlyerTalk had an equally frustrating experience. YMMV


Not the worst deal in the world, but unless you have a specific need, this offer seems to be tepid at more than a penny a piece. You can obviously gin up Avios points much cheaper with an Ink card.

BTW, I’ve bought groupons from several of their European sites (overall, Groupon in Europe seems to have better restaurant deals than Groupon in America these days) and it usually works best to make payment via paypal. Sign in to your paypal account first, and then buy the Groupon.

Ted Lin

Looks like they ran out of Groupons for this?