[Update, New Link] Like Barbecue? New Amex Offer + a good use today


Update: This sale price has been extended to 11:59pm PT on May 24, 2017 with a new link. Thanks to reader Dan! The link is replaced below.

There have been several new Amex Offers out today — earlier we wrote about a couple of good offers at Raymour & Flanigan and Hilton/Curio. There is another offer out for ThermoWorks.com, which is a company with which I was not familiar, but they make some cool looking barbecue thermometers, and there is a good discount today that stacks well with this offer.

a screenshot of a website

The Offer

  • Spend $75 or more, get a $15 statement credit

Key Terms

  • Expires 8/9/17

An example use

I was browsing Slickdeals earlier today and saw a thread for this Amex Offer. Within that thread, a user mentioned a good way to stack this Amex Offer with a discount that is expires tonight at 11:59pm on the Thermapen Mk4. Now, I’m no expert on meat thermometers and I’d never heard of this thing before — but I went to the website and watched the video and just bought the most expensive meat thermometer I’ve ever owned. #ImpulsePurchase. Is it a good purchase? I’ll let ya know how it works out. But if you know more than I do and have this on your list (or need a gift for Father’s Day), this might be a good bet. (Full disclosure: I didn’t buy it for myself)

This product normally sells for $99. Yes, you read that right — ninety-nine bucks for a meat thermometer. Which seemed ridiculous to me….until I watched the video. Then it still seemed ridiculous, but much less so. Click the picture to go to the site and see the video:

a screenshot of a web page

That looks pretty darn cool. A temperature in 2 seconds, a rotating display, automatic night time backlight, auto-off to save battery, and waterproof. I was sold.

Making this a really good deal, today there is a special offer through America’s Test Kitchen. If you go to the America’s Test Kitchen website, you’ll see the offer in the bar at the top of the page.

a screenshot of a website

Or, I’ll save you a step — click this link to go to ThermoWorks and see the Thermapen Mk4 on sale through today for $79.20. (It says that this sale expires tonight, May 22nd, at 11:59pm Pacific time)

Update: Reader Dan found us a new link from America’s Test Kitchen’s Facebook page. Click here for the new link to buy this for $79.20. This one expires at 11:59pm PT on May 24th.

a screenshot of a website

Stack your $15 Amex Offer with that discount and you’ll pay a net $64.20 + $3.99 Shipping, which seems like a solid deal for a cool product that dad wouldn’t normally buy for himself.

Bottom Line

If you read Greg’s post this morning about viewing our best 10+ credit card offers, you might have noticed a number of Amex cards in our Top 10+. One of my favorite things about my Amex cards is that in addition to earning great travel rewards, they help me find things like this (and sometimes even save money rather than buying a $99 meat thermometer). This was an oddball Amex Offer for me — I saw it there this morning and had never heard of the company before. I stumbled on the Slickdeals thread and ended up buying something that looks like it’ll be a great gift for the guy who doesn’t want much. This looks like a good deal that would be a nice gift at this time of year for anyone who likes to cook meat on the grill. I couldn’t find ThermoWorks on any shopping portals, but I don’t think that would work anyway as you need to click through the America’s Test Kitchen site for the full discount. There are a range of other products available at ThermoWorks as well, but I’m not aware of other stacking discounts like this one. Best of luck if you get in on this — I look forward to seeing how well it works. I wish I could find the thread to give the user who found this credit, but I can’t seem to find it on Slickdeals now.

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Technically this sale is over and the link no longer displays on the ATK website – however, I tracked the deal down on ATK’s facebook page, clicked it there, and got the discounted price, and successfully purchased. Here is the direct URL if you missed out yesterday:

Thanks Nick and the Slickdeals fellow for tracking this down!


Happy for a chance to give back and my first opportunity to make it into a post 🙂

Man from another place

Definitely a good investment.
I use my Thermoworks gauge every day, not just grilling meats. Casseroles, vegetables, baked goods, even thawing out frozen slices of pie.


I’ve had a thermapen for many years and can verify it’s the creme de la creme of meat thermometers. Keep giving them out as Christmas presents to family members and everyone loves them.Sounds like a waste of money but ruin a few steaks with a bad thermometer and it starts to look like a good value.


Thank you so much, Nick!
I have always wanted one of these, and this weekend is my Birthday… Great Karma.


Its a great product. The 2 seconds thing is a lie but whatever. Its fast enough that you’ll use it and you’ll get accurate readings. Results in better meat.


We use Thermoworks products at work. They work really really well and have almost instant readings.

It bugs me to come home and use a regular thermometer and wait forever for it to get to temp.