(EXPIRED) Meal kit stack: A Trifecta trifecta for quasi-free food + maybe some AA miles

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I stacked a deal on Friday that meant for nearly-free food for us from a meal delivery system we haven’t tried before — and you may do better than I did if you also have the SimplyMiles offer advertised in my email (but not found in my account).

Say it with me: you can score a trifecta of deals on Trifecta meals.

a screenshot of a coupon


The Deal

  • There are three potentially stacking deals for Trifecta Meal Delivery:
    • Capital One Shopping is offering $50 in rewards when you shop Trifecta Meal Delivery (YMMV, but it has been $50 on the public Capital One Shopping portal even when not logged in over the past few days)
    • A Citi merchant Offer is out that is good for $50 back on $50 or more (Expires 7/17/23)
    • I received an email advertising an AA SimplyMiles offer (which is also card-linked and could potentially be linked to the same Citi card that has the Citi Merchant Offer) for 2,325 miles on a purchase of $50 or more
    • A new customer promo code offered 50% off the first delivery

Key Terms

  • Terms vary for each component above. See your offers for details.

Quick Thoughts

I did this deal on Friday and I wanted to report it particularly for those playing the American Airlines Loyalty Points games.

I had never heard of Trifecta Meal Delivery and at this point I still don’t know much about them, but on Saturday I received an email from American Airlines SimplyMiles advertising a deal good for 2,325 miles on a purchase of $50 or more at Trifecta Meal Delivery.

a screenshot of a phone

I didn’t think very much of that offer until I was checking Citi Merchant Offers a little while later and I saw the offer for $50 back on $50 or more at Trifecta on my wife’s Citi Premier card.

a screenshot of a coupon

The potential to stack caught my eye.

For those unfamiliar, American Airlines Simply Miles is a card-linked offer platform offered by American Airlines whereby you link offers to your Mastercard(s). You can only use a Mastercard, but basically any Mastercard works.

I synced up the Citi Merchant Offer right away. Later, I went to add the SimplyMiles offer, but despite clicking through the email that offer was nowhere to be found on SimplyMiles. I don’t know if it disappeared before I tried to add it or if adding the Citi Merchant Offer somehow blocked the SimplyMiles offer from showing up, but it hasn’t been a problem to stack those two things before.

I therefore did not get the SimplyMiles offer after all, but given the 7/17/23 expiration, hopefully someone still finds it in their account.

The good news is that I noticed that Capital One Shopping, the public shopping portal open to anyone (no Capital One card required) was offering $50 back on $50 or more at Trifecta Meal Delivery (YMMV – this was a public offer that I saw even in browser where I wasn’t logged in).

a screenshot of a coupon

I figured it was still worth doing the deal since I knew that I should be able to stack the $50 back from Capital One Shopping and the $50 back from the Citi Merchant Offer. What I wasn’t sure about was whether both would stack with the Trifecta new customer offer — singing up for emails gave me a code for 50% off my first meal.

Sure enough, it did stack. I used the 50% off code for my first order and I can confirm that I received the email from Capital One Shopping indicating that my purchase tracked.

There were a lot of ways to customize your meal delivery and frankly it was so complicated that my wife and I weren’t interested in wasting forever in figuring out what would be cheapest. You could definitely order less than we did. Instead, we just decided to place an order for what we’d find useful. In the end, we got 10 entrées and 5 breakfasts for $125 after the 50% off code (note that I didn’t anticipate the $9.99 for shipping as that didn’t get added until the very end, but I decided it wasn’t worth going back and choosing 7 entrées instead of 10 over that).

a screenshot of a computer

If you have more patience than me, you can probably figure out how to pay a lot closer to $50. In the end, we expected to get $50 back from Capital One Shopping and $50 back from Citi (by paying with the Citi Premier card after syncing the offer), so we were happy with a net cost of $24.99 for 10 entrées and 5 breakfasts. I don’t know what to expect in terms of the kits, but anyone who has been to a grocery store in 2023 knows that $25 for 15 portions of almost anything is a solid deal deal to be satisfied. Hopefully we like the meals….and in case we don’t, I paused delivery on the next 3 weeks after our first delivery, which will hopefully give me plenty of time to decide to keep or cancel.

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Humm, finally getting around to this but the Capital One $50 is THERE but when you activate it says $19 now.. Is anyone else seeing same thing?


I am going to clear my browser data and try again


The Simply Miles offer says it can’t be stacked. Waiting to see if it gets clawed back for anyone.


I appreciate the hustle and food deals are great. On another note, Trifecta is probably the worst tasting meal service I have tried. Almost everything I ordered was practically inedible. To make matters worse, I forgot to cancel the service in time and got another box of really bad food. Everyone’s taste is different though. Factor is probably the best I have had.

Mr. Seg

Confirming what others said, my offer disappeared from Citi. And so I tried with Green Chef, for which i had both a Citi Offer and Simply Miles offer and it happened the same thing, with the Simply Miles offer disappearing entirely from my account. Seems like this is not working anymore sadly.


Nice stack. Heads up that’s there’s also an Amex offer out there for spend $90, get $30 back up to 3 times.


I tried the trifecta for Trifecta.. I got the 50% off the first order and the Simply miles and the Capital One

I hope they all track


Has your capital one trifecta posted? My $50 has been sitting in pending for 2 weeks….


Cap1 usually posts in like 30-45 days but at least yours is tracked. Mine hasn’t tracked yet after a few days


That’s a lot of effort to get some yucky frozen food !


Trifecta is expensive (without deals like this), but it’s probably the best-tasting prepared food delivery I’ve tried. The only ones I didn’t like were the ones with salmon.

Oren S

Funny.. I’ve tried most of the meal kits/prepared food companies out there.

I found Trifecta meals to be the worst ones I’ve had, literally no taste, bland. Had to add a ton of salt/pepper just to make it taste good.

Brad C

Might depend on personal preference, their meals seem to be around 500-800mg sodium. Slightly less than Factor which are generally a bit over 800mg sodium. Trifecta could be more health conscious.


Similar to what the other commenter said, I added the simplymiles offer and then the citi offer, only to see the citi merchant offer automatically deactivate in my citi account. I tried several versions of re-adding either offer but couldn’t ever get both offers to stay activated simultaneously.

This is newsworthy in of itself… it’s the first time I’ve seen evidence that Citi Offers and Simplymiles talk to each other, which suggests a double dip isn’t possible anymore.


I am seeing the ability to stack all 3. 7 Meals shipped would be about $65 for me. So in theory. I’d get back $50 from Capital One, $50 from Citi, and then 2325 AA miles. So 7 meals, and $35 + 2325 miles.

That being said, I am not super impressed with pre cooked meals like this.


Has your Cap one posted?


Thanks Nick!! Was able to stack all 3!


Something strange going on here between SimplyMiles and Citi Merchant Offers.

I had the email from SimplyMiles. I first went and activated the offer. Confirmed it showed as activated in the SimplyMiles portal (wish I took screenshot.) Then I went to Citi, found and added the Merchant Offer to the card linked to SimplyMiles. Then went to the site and looked for the CapOne Shopping offer. Went back and confirmed everything was showing properly and found that the SimplyMiles offer no longer showed under ‘Activated.’ No amount of logging out and back in nor clicking through the link will make it show up again. Either bad luck and it sold out or Citi Merchant Offers and SimplyMiles offers are somehow linked?

No So Simple Miles

Same thing here. Activated simply miles first (via link in email), added Citi.

Simply miles then disappeared – not showing as activated, clicking link brings you nowhere.


I did 13 Salmon meals, $17 with tax & shipping, after $50 Cap One and $50 Citi Merchant Offer. Thanks Nick!


i didn’t find an option to pick specific items. how did you pick Salmon meals only?


Looks like they nixed the ability to pick individual meals. Bummer.