New Amex Offers: Home Depot, Renaissance Hotels, Best Western, more…



A few excellent new offers have appeared via Amex Offers.  Log into your Amex account and scroll down to “Amex Offers and Benefits” to see if you were targeted for these and other offers:

  • The Home Depot: Spend $75, get $15 back.  In-store only.  Most Home Depot stores sell 3rd party gift cards.  Variable load Visa, MasterCard, and Amex gift cards cannot be bought with credit cards, but most other gift cards should be OK.
  • Renaissance Hotels: Spend $200 or more, get $40 back.  Renaissance is a Marriott brand. Based on past experience, if you can find a Renaissance hotel that will sell you gift cards at the main desk, that should trigger the offer (despite terms that say that you have to book the night).  Plus, the gift card should work at all Marriott properties (and maybe even at Starwood properties in the distant future).

And here’s a couple more, perhaps less newsworthy:

  • The Washington Post: Spend $50 or more, get $50 back.  Free news?
  • Best Western: Spend $100 or more, get $20 back.  I have no idea if there are any gift card opportunities with this one.

Let me know if you see any other newsworthy offers!

If you’re new to Amex Offers, please see: Complete guide to Amex Offers.

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[…] New Amex Offers: Home Depot, Renaissance Hotels, Best Western, more… […]


Did not see the Best Western on any of 14 cards spread over 4 accounts – and I will be staying at a couple of BWs next week, which is a pity.

[…] Get 20% off $75 worth of gift cards from Home Depot: New Amex Offers: Home Depot, Renaissance Hotels, Best Western, more… […]


I had the Home Depot offer on my spouse’s AU cc, but now I don’t see it. If I call, can anything be done about it? Is there a chance that it’s still able to be seen in their system?


I gave her her own acct.

[…] New Amex Offers: Home Depot, Renaissance Hotels, Best Western, more… […]


Has anyone been having an issue with redeeming the Home Depot offer? I did the required $75 single purchase but it does not show as redeemed under my AMEX offers. Usually they are very prompt to show an offer being redeemed. Does a single purchase mean one item or is multiple items in one transaction ok? I always thought it was multiple transactions in one purchase.


got the email but no credit yet… does seem like a long time


I agree with wwllmm , Buying MGC’s and VGC’s w credit cards is working great , especially in Houston area. – I’ve already done 16 in 2 days, and they are all triggering the notification email. The offer was on all 20+8 cards I manage.


0/2 🙁


Washington Post does not count towards subscriptions from what I could tell.


Since when no V/MC GC w/CC at HD?

Mark B

They fixed the multi-browser trick 🙁

Mark B

When I simply opened up new tabs and switched from one to the other, I got the “already enrolled” message. This is the lazy way to do it that’s been working nonetheless.

Then I spread out the multiple tabs in small-sized windows around my screen and clicked on the offers in quick succession… and it worked. So, still alive, but there may be a time element that’s been introduced.

By the way, Century 21 is another great offer, at least for those of us in NY.

Mark B

$15 off $75 and showed up on all my cards. I’m not sure how big their footprint it, but the two NY stores have consistently great deals. I would buy GCs and shop with them to lock in the extra savings.


must be your browser or something… this morning i added the Century 21 offer to 6 of my cards… it still is on all of them.

multi-browser definitely still works.


Same. Had no issues adding the C21 offer to 3 cards. Of course, I shopped there and spent $78 yesterday, but oh well 🙂


do you find it to be better deals than Nordstrom Rack?
I consistently find NR to be cheaper…. but maybe I don’t know what to look for?
I added the offer anyway, it’s worth a try.






I wonder if the Best Western offer would work on the gift cards (“Travel Cards”) that Best Western sells on their website.


i got a different Home Depot offer… 2x points… bleh