Quick, check your account for new Amex Offers (Whole Foods offer now working)


Check your Amex accounts for new Amex Offers.  Doctor of Credit reports a targeted offer for Staples: Spend $100+, Get $20.  I didn’t have that one on any of my accounts, but this morning I found that I did have Office Depot: Spend $50+, Get $10 on about half of my cards.  This is awesome because Office Depot / OfficeMax sells many gift cards in-store.


The HP offer is another good one if you’re in the market for computer equipment (see: HP Extreme Stacking laptops, tablets, printers, Ink, and more.

I also found a great offer on a number of my Membership Rewards cards to earn an extra point per dollar at Whole Foods.  Unfortunately, I might have been the last person to be able to sign up since my wife got an error on her account when she tried.  Or, maybe they’re experiencing technical difficulties and it will work again soon.  I don’t know.  AmexOfferWholeFoods

–> UPDATE: The Whole Foods offer is now working!

Add multiple offers via the multi-tab trick

If you find a great offer on multiple cards, open the offers in separate tabs in your browser before adding any to your cards.  Otherwise you’ll only be able to get one.  See: Complete guide to Amex Offers.

Did you find any great Amex Offers today?  Please comment below.

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[…] Similarly, there have been many offers targeted only to Membership Rewards cards (consumer or business).  Often these offers take the form of bonus Membership Rewards points per dollar spent.  A good example is the Whole Foods offer we recently published: […]

Same here. Just added Whole Paycheck. I assume that this will make it 3x on PRG. No? And don’t I remember seeing variable load cards at WF? Or is this another fever dream?


I was just able to sign up for the whole foods. Try again?


Whole Foods – is this really better than 6% or 3% cash back?


depends on what cards you add it to and how much you value MR… 6% is probably much better for most. 3%… eh, i’d rather take MR.

Also 6% and 3% are capped annually so some may max out on that.


Was able to add OD/OM to two cards. Good enough, I’ll take it. Yes, glitchy.

(Of course, the terms are quite clear and say you can only add offers to ONE card, so there’s a potential of clawbacks if they wanna go there…I’d suggest to tread lightly….but I know how the hogs here roll…)


Try again with the Whole Foods offer! I was having a ton of problems just a few hours ago. Couldn’t add it to any of my cards, but it looks like the glitch has been fixed. I was able to add it to the 3 cards where the offer is showing. On the other hand, no Office Max/Office Depot or Staples offers for me, even though I have 3 business cards…


Looks like Whole Foods was pulled. I could never get it to add though it was showing (though not able to add) on very MR card I had but now it is gone from them all.


That’s not even cool Greg. I tried to get the Whole Foods offer activated and got the same error message. I just went there today at lunch and sadly, am not getting two MR points.

I wonder if the offer was just too popular? I talked to AmEx once on the phone and they told me for each offer, they only have a finite number that they can give out, since it’s the merchant that pays for the offers, not AmEx.


Office Max/Office Depot on all three of my business cards. I had the same problem with the Whole Foods offer (it shows up on my Everyday and biz Platinum only, no co-branded cards)


Anyone else having issues with AMEX offer credits not posting within the normal period of a few days? It’s been over two weeks for me and many of my credits still have not posted.


One of my Hotels.com credits didn’t post yet. One did though.


Yes I have had issues both with email confirmations of using the Amex offer and with offers posting. I have seen data points elsewhere as well so this isn’t isolated. If there is a pattern I haven’t seen it yet.

Mark O

YEs – I have had most of them not get an email too. Amex is having glitches like they did about a year ago – annoying!


When this happened last time, did they eventually post automatically on their own, or did it require manual intervention? Any idea how long it took to resolve?


same for me with JetBlue. no text, no email… no credit yet.


Same error inn Whole Foods. And no Staples/Office Depot discount on 14 cards of mine/my wife/authorized users


Same for me for Whole Foods offer on Everyday Preferred, damn.


Same thing happened to me when I tried to load Whole Foods. I assume there’s a system glitch on that offer.