Quick, check your account for new Amex Offers (Whole Foods offer now working)


Check your Amex accounts for new Amex Offers.  Doctor of Credit reports a targeted offer for Staples: Spend $100+, Get $20.  I didn’t have that one on any of my accounts, but this morning I found that I did have Office Depot: Spend $50+, Get $10 on about half of my cards.  This is awesome because Office Depot / OfficeMax sells many gift cards in-store.


The HP offer is another good one if you’re in the market for computer equipment (see: HP Extreme Stacking laptops, tablets, printers, Ink, and more.

I also found a great offer on a number of my Membership Rewards cards to earn an extra point per dollar at Whole Foods.  Unfortunately, I might have been the last person to be able to sign up since my wife got an error on her account when she tried.  Or, maybe they’re experiencing technical difficulties and it will work again soon.  I don’t know.  AmexOfferWholeFoods

–> UPDATE: The Whole Foods offer is now working!

Add multiple offers via the multi-tab trick

If you find a great offer on multiple cards, open the offers in separate tabs in your browser before adding any to your cards.  Otherwise you’ll only be able to get one.  See: Complete guide to Amex Offers.

Did you find any great Amex Offers today?  Please comment below.

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