(EXPIRED) Quick! Fly Boston to London for ~$900 round trip in business class

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This won’t last long, so we wanted to get this out there ASAP. Thrifty Traveler Premium has alerted us to the opportunity to book round trip tickets from Boston to London for $900 or less this winter. This won’t last long.

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Here’s one such example on Google Flights for January 9-16. The prices are listed as low as $909 round trip.

a screenshot of a flight schedule

When getting to the final page, the booking options displayed show the fare as low as $860. The problem is that all these lower fare options are through much smaller OTAs which could prove problematic in the event of IRROPS or, as the case may well be, ticket cancellations by the airline due to the seeming error rate.

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Thrifty Traveler mentions booking via Lufthansa, but I’m not seeing the rate as low there, although I did come across fares in the $1,200 range which is still cheaper than booking via United.

These fares won’t last, but because it seems to be a mistake fare I’d hold off on booking any non-refundable hotels, activities, etc. until it looks like the ticketing is going to stick. It might be possible to get this lower fare booked using Membership Rewards if you have a Business Platinum card in order to get the 35% rebate. It doesn’t matter if United isn’t your selected airline as these are business class tickets and so they’re eligible regardless of what your selected airline for the airline fee credit is.

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Booking a non-direct flight from BOS in the winter via a smaller OTA? What could go wrong…


I’d rather fly direct in economy. no thanks


Ok. Then don’t fly it.


still seeing some as low as 230 in economy but you have to fly some ridiculous routing


Appears to no longer be available 🙁


DansDeals is reporting <$1200 fares from NYC bookable via the Chase portal!

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Why pay for subscription services if it just gets blasted on blogs for free…..?


So stop paying if you aren’t getting any value. That simple.

Mr. T

because you’re a fool


Love this reply – super helpful! To Sheng’s point, why should I (or anyone for that matter) pay for a subscription service that advertises deals such as this if blogs are going to put it out there anyways. Makes no difference to me, but just trying to understand how the providers of paid subscription services feel….


even these blogs can be too slow to post for some of the mispriced flight deals to be available. To really get on these deals you have to be PDQ most of the time, which means cutting out the middle man (free blogs). That said these types of deals really only work for what I assume is a small fraction of people who can just get up and go, whenever wherever.


John, it’s not like these subscription services are providing anything proprietary, they are literally piggybacking off of airlines to inform the public if the rates drop. I have a Going membership that I feel provides enough value for me to pay for, and am always going to have access to all the deals, not just the best ones the blogs let us know about.

Parts Unknown

Turn a 6 hour flight into an 11 hour flight by routing through Canada and booking via OTA… Nope.


Agreed. Aeroplan does have some great pricing (and rewards using their miles/partners) but it’s always such a struggle to find good routes that don’t force you to go through a Canadian hub which adds 4-6+ hours to the route.


Heh, yeah, this reminded me of some wild TPG guest posts from few years ago, where people claimed they were getting $10k+ in value by getting an award flight from Japan to the US with two badly-timed stopovers.


I saw this deal on Straight To The Points a few hours ago.