(EXPIRED) Rover.com Amex Offer: $30 Back When Spending $75


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There’s a new Rover.com Amex Offer that’s been released today. Rover.com is a website where you can search for pet sitters and dog walkers – we’ve used someone we found on Rover every time we’ve traveled overseas over the last four years and have always had a great experience.

Here are the details of the Amex Offer and some tips for how to maximize it.

Truffles at Harbison State Forest
Rover.com – perfect for when your dogs can’t travel with you

The Deal

  • Spend a minimum of $75 at Rover.com and get $30 back as a statement credit

Key Details

  • $75 can be spent in one or more transactions.
  • Spend must be completed by April 16, 2018.
  • Excludes purchases made at the Rover store and DogVacay bookings.
  • Excludes all services in Canada.

Rover Amex Offer 04-18

Quick Thoughts

Rover.com sells gift cards, but they’re listed in the Rover store and so presumably wouldn’t trigger the Amex Offer. Let us know in the comments though if you buy a gift card and you get the statement credit.

You can book stays in advance and Rover take payment immediately. If you have any travel planned for after April 16, you can therefore book and pay now to take advantage of the Amex Offer before it expires.

Maximizing The Offer

If you have the offer on more than one card, there’s an easy way to maximize it for longer stays. My wife and I spent a month in New Zealand and Australia at the end of last year and so needed to book our dog Truffles in for a 30 day stay at the pet-sitter we use on Rover.

Her overnight dog-sitting rate was $25 per night which is reduced to $20 per night for stays of 7+ nights. There was an identical $30 off $75 Amex Offer last year when we needed to book her stay. We had the offer on more than ten cards between us, so we booked ten separate stays of three nights and paid with a different card for each stay.

That meant the month-long stay cost us $450 (after the statement credits) which was less than booking in week-long chunks (or a single month-long booking), even though we were effectively paying more per night as we weren’t getting the 7+ day discount.

I reached out to our dog-sitter before booking to make sure she was OK with accepting ten separate bookings. She explained that this was beneficial for her for a couple of reasons:

  1. She’d be getting paid at a $25 per night rate rather than $20 per night.
  2. Apparently Rover.com don’t release all the money for a stay until it’s completed (it sounds like they release some money at the beginning of the stay and the majority at the end). Booking in three-day chunks meant our pet-sitter was consistently being paid throughout the month-long stay.
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Meghan Holler

Isn’t there a service fee for each booking? And if so, wouldn’t that negate the savings of splitting it up this way?

Mark Schroeder

Awesome! Just got a new dog and will use this immediately.


Unfortunately didn’t get this offer and I do use them


Why not negotiate with the sitter to eliminate Rover’s cut?


Can only speak for myself, but I pay rover 15% of what I make as a host, which provides me with liability insurance. Additionally, the more visits you book via the app, the higher you appear in their search results, thus more hits. It’s definitely a trade off, and usually as you become familiar with a client, they often pay cash. But the insurance/advertising are the main reasons.


I got this offer on every card, even the blue business plus. Strangely, I see now all the offers on the BB+ are for cash rebate, not MR, even though it is an MR earning card (i.e. $30 back instead of 3000 MR).


“(it sounds like they release some money at the beginning of the stay and the majority at the end)”

They release the money about 48 hours after the pet’s stay. At which point, you may transfer to Paypal and withdraw.

Also, if it’s your first time booking with Rover, there is s a $20 off promo code for new customers, that I would assume stacks with the amex offer.


Gift cards absolutely do not trigger the offer. I tried last time.