(EXPIRED) Sam’s Club Amex Offer: Buy $45 Membership & Get $25 Back

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There’s a new Sam’s Club Amex Offer that’s offering $25 back when paying for a new $45 membership. While it’s not currently possible to stack deals to make this a profitable deal like it was in the past, you can still make it break even with a couple of other deals.

Sam's Club Amex Offer

The Deal

Key Terms

  • Expires January 31, 2020.
  • Offer valid only on a new Sam’s Club Membership purchased online at US website (SamsClub.com/JoinAMEX) and not valid on memberships purchased in-Club, via mobile app or by phone.
  • Excludes membership renewals, upgrades, add-ons or additional membership or any purchase of Sam’s Club Gift of Membership or Prepaid Sam’s Savings Membership.

Quick Thoughts

There have been a lot of Sam’s Club membership Amex Offers over the past year or two and it’s usually been possible to stack them with other deals to make a profit when paying for membership. For example, see Sam’s Club Membership Deals: Potential $58.15 Profit With 5 Stacking Opportunities.

Two of those stacking opportunities were Acorns Found Money and the Dosh app, but it doesn’t look like either of those are offering cashback for Sam’s Club memberships right now. There are a few other stacking opportunities that pretty much make this a break even deal.

Shopping Portal

BeFrugal is currently offering 15% cashback for new Sam’s Club memberships paid for online. Giving Assistant is offering 20% cashback for members with their ‘Power’ upgraded membership, but it’s only 10% for everyone else. A 15% cashback rate on a $45 membership comes to $6.75.

Sam’s Club New Member Deal

Sam’s Club itself is offering a $10 eGift card when taking out a new membership. In addition to that, you’ll get a free rotisserie chicken and coupons for discounts on other products.

Sam's Club membership deal

Here’s a link to this deal. What you’ll need to do is click through from a shopping portal first, then copy and paste that link to your browser’s address bar – that should ensure the cashback tracks.


There’s an app called Bumped which offers stock in select companies or mutual funds when spending money at certain stores with a linked card. The app offers 1% in a Vanguard ETF on Sam’s Club spend, so if online memberships are included in that spend (rather than just in-store purchases), you’d earn $0.45.

There’s a waitlist to join Bumped; I’m already in, but my wife registered three months ago and is still waiting for access. You can bump(ed) yourself up the queue by referring new members, so here’s her referral link if you’re interested in joining. I don’t think there’s an incentive for the person referring or the person being referred, other than the person doing the referring getting earlier access to the app.

Net Cost

Taking advantage of these stacking opportunities means your net cost would be $2.80, or $3.25 if Bumped didn’t track or you don’t get access to the app for a while. If you value the free rotisserie chicken in any way, that pretty much makes this a break even deal.

With it coming up to the holiday season, having a virtually free Sam’s Club membership could be useful. If you don’t have an immediate need for the membership though, it might be worth waiting until you need one in case Dosh or Acorns start offering cashback again. The direct Sam’s Club deal with the $10 eGift card and rotisserie chicken lasts until January 31, 2020 and portals frequently offer 10-20% cashback on new memberships, so you shouldn’t miss out on those stacking opportunities if you wait.

The direct link to the Amex Offer provided in ‘The Deals’ section means you should be able to load it to whatever Amex card you want.

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Billy Bob

If you have to go through SamsClub.com/JoinAMEX, how can it stack with anything else, such as BeFrugal?

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Don’t you have to go to a specific URL to get this Amex offer? Can you just purchase the membership from the Sam’s URL you posted and still expect to get $25 credit from Amex?


“What you’ll need to do is click through from a shopping portal first, then copy and paste that link to your browser’s address bar” – you mean paste the Sam’s $10 GC offer URL into the same tab that opens up when you click through the shopping portal? Sorry, it sounded obvious, but wanted to double check.


Sam’s membership is now showing in dosh app for some. Amex offer has a specific address for membership redemption. Is that necessary? Or can you still go through a portal?

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Groupon has a $20 off Sams Club membership coupon through 2/2/20. Not sure how it would stack – the T&Cs aren’t readily available.


Nah, I think you actually meant “$20 e gift card” rather than “$20 off”


rwalle – You’re correct, so it should stack. Also, I think its just a referral link (which are available from any existing members), so nothing special.