Shell now offering 3x American Airlines AAdvantage miles & Loyalty Points on fillups + 250 bonus when joining


A couple of years ago or so American Airlines and Shell partnered to offer rewards when linking your AAdvantage and Fuel Rewards accounts. Up until recently you could get 100 bonus miles and Loyalty Points when joining Fuel Rewards and 2 bonus miles and Loyalty Points per gallon when filling up.

They’ve now enhanced that partnership as you can now get 250 miles and Loyalty Points when joining Fuel Rewards and 3 miles and Loyalty Points per gallon. While that’s not a substantial increase, it does change the math and makes earning with American Airlines a little more appealing.

American Airlines Shell bonus AAdvantage miles

The Deal

  • Earn 250 bonus AAdvantage miles when joining Shell Fuel Rewards & then 3x miles & Loyalty Points per gallon.
  • Direct link to offer.

Key Terms

  • 250 bonus miles offer
    • Expires August 1, 2024
    • After successful registration, complete your first fill-up of at least 5 gallons during the Offer Period.
    • Offer valid for new Fuel Rewards members only.
    • AAdvantage Miles earned through this offer will be posted to your AAdvantage account within 45 days of completing the qualifying fill.
  • 3x offer
    • 20 gallon limit per fill up.
    • No limit on lifetime miles earned through this offer.
    • Your AAdvantage account must be linked to your Fuel Rewards account and opted into earning miles.
    • AAdvantage Miles earned through this offer will be posted to your AAdvantage account in 7-10 business days.
  • To switch how you earn – MILES or FUEL SAVINGS – go to the Fuel Rewards app and select American Airlines under “Link Partner Accounts”

Quick Thoughts

Fuel Rewards members normally save 3c, 5c or 10c per gallon depending on if they have Silver, Gold or Platinum Fuel Rewards status respectively. It feels like there’s always been some way of getting Gold status with virtually zero effort, so in the past earning 2x miles (and Loyalty Points) meant you were effectively buying those miles for 2.5cpp. That’s pricey and so I’ve never linked my AAdvantage account.

With this recent update to offering 3x miles (and Loyalty Points), the partnership becomes more appealing. If you’d normally have saved 5c per gallon, earning 3x miles instead means you’re effectively buying those for 1.67cpp. That’s not a no-brainer, but it’s also not a bad deal if you can get good value when redeeming your AAdvantage miles.

What’s now stopping me from linking my accounts is that I’m a T-Mobile customer. On T-Mobile Tuesdays every week there’s an offer to save 10c or 15c per gallon at Shell. Those savings are worth far more than the 3x miles and Loyalty Points, so I’m sticking with that for now. Update: Jayce has shared in the comments below that this works differently to how I thought. If you link your AAdvantage account with your Shell Fuel Rewards account, you’ll get 3x AA miles and forego the 5c standard discount for Gold members. However, the additional 5c or 10c off per gallon you get via T-Mobile Tuesdays does still get applied which makes linking my AAdvantage account much more appealing.

Ultimately though, unless you’re filling up a ton each month, the earnings will be incremental rather than substantial. You earn 3x miles and Loyalty Points per gallon rather than per dollar and there’s a limit of 20 gallons per fill-up. That means the maximum you’ll earn during each visit at Shell is 60 miles and Loyalty Points. Those earnings are nice to have, but they’re not going to get you into QSuites (if Qatar actually made any those seats available for partners in the first place).

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