Podcast: Shortcuts to AA elite status | Frequent Miler on the Air Ep251


American Airlines status isn’t as easy as it used to be, but there are some shortcuts for those who think they’ll be flying American Airlines enough to really want it. We’ll discuss those shortcuts in this episode of Frequent Miler on the Air.

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(00:58) – Reader, Matt has been frustrated by Bilt’s customer service… (Mailbag)

Card Talk

(07:16) – AAdvantage® Aviator Red World Elite MasterCard (Card Talk)

Find out more about this card here.

We covered these a year ago in the show: Amassing American Airlines Miles | Ep199 | 4-22-23

(10:22) – AAdvantage® Aviator Silver World Elite MasterCard® (Card Talk)

What Crazy Thing

(19:01) – Capital One switches Venture card from Visa to MasterCard…but switches Venture X Biz from MasterCard to Visa (Crazy Thing)

Mattress Running the Numbers

(22:03) – Transfer bonus from Citi to Accor (Mattress Running the Numbers)

(26:26) – Strawberry Hotels (formerly Nordic Choice) Summer Pass (Mattress Running the Numbers)

Award Talk

(33:42) – Etihad A380 first class apartment awards available New York to Abu Dhabi (Award Talk)

(37:48) – Qatar cards from Cardless (Award Talk)

(39:56) – Daily Getaways (Award Talk)

Read more about the 2024 Daily Getaways here.

Main Event: Shortcuts to AA elite status

(45:26) – American Airlines Elite Overview

(48:40) – Loyalty Point Rewards

(50:42) – Shortcuts to American Airlines Elite Status

Question of the Week

(1:04:03) – What is the role of AI in the travel-hacking space? (Question of the Week)

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Music Credit – “Ocean Deep” by Annie Yoder

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