SimplyMiles, Rakuten & Citi Offers for Stop & Shop (stack 2 of 3)


There’s currently three different types of card-linked offers for Stop & Shop which could be useful for anyone with that grocery chain near them. It should be possible to stack two of the three offers to make it even more rewarding.

SimplyMiles Stop & Shop

The Deals & Key Terms

  • There are card-linked offers for Stop & Shop through the following programs:
    • Citi Offer – get 4% back
      • Direct link to Citi Offers
        • Expires April 30, 2024.
        • May be redeemed 12 time(s) by the offer end date.
        • Max award is a $30 statement credit.
    • SimplyMiles – earn 1x AAdvantage mile + 1x Loyalty point per dollar
      • Direct link to offer
        • Expires April 30, 2024.
        • May be redeemed 12 time(s) by the offer end date.
        • Max award is 1395 miles.
        • Offer is nontransferable and the enrolled card must be active and in good-standing in order to be eligible for an award.
        • Offers cannot be combined or stacked with other offers.
        • If a merchant processes your online order in separate transactions, you may only earn an award on the first processed transaction if it meets all other offer criteria.
        • Other exclusions and restrictions may apply. We may determine that certain offers are ineligible for an award.
    • Rakuten – earn 1x Membership Rewards point or 1% cashback per dollar
      • Direct link to offer
        • Expiry date unknown.
        • US stores only.
        • Offer not valid at locations in US territories.
        • In-Store offers not valid for online purchases and cannot be combined with other offers.
        • Offer not valid for gift card purchases.
        • Debit card purchases must be processed as credit to be eligible for Cash Back. When using a debit card, do not enter your PIN.
        • If you add the same merchant on more than one rewards site or platform, you will only receive rewards through the most recently added Offer.
        • Once you add an Offer, you may make qualifying transactions for up to 1 hour after initial redemption before needing to re-add the Offer.
        • An added offer that has not been redeemed will automatically expire 75 days after it is added or on the date the offer itself ends, whichever is sooner.

Quick Thoughts

In an ideal world you’ll find the Stop & Shop Citi Offer on a Citi Premier card as that earns 3x ThankYou points per dollar.

You can then stack that with either the SimplyMiles or Rakuten card-linked offers. Both of those programs run on the Rakuten Card-Linked Offer Network (RCLON) which means that you can only earn rewards with one or the other. There have been reports in the past of SimplyMiles offers disappearing once someone’s loaded a corresponding Citi Offer to their card, so it could be worth linking the SimplyMiles offer first, then loading the Citi Offer as I’m not aware of Citi Offers disappearing.

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if you do it by 3/21, there are also 2x Fuel (Go) Rewards
Doing on my legacy Prestige card w/ 5x TYP bonus offer, which ends on 5/31

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[…] Frequentmiler notes that there’s also a Rakuten in-store cashback offer for Stop & Shop, as well a SimplyMiles offer. Those two run on the same network so you’ll have to choose which one of those you want. […]