(EXPIRED) Stack 25x + 50% back on The North Face, Carhart, and more at Moosejaw

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Outdoors equipment website Moosejaw is offering 50% back in rewards on full-priced jackets, clothes, and winter gear today for Cyber Monday with code CYBERSALE. That can stack really well with 25 Wyndham points per dollar through the Wyndham Rewards portal (or 15x through Rakuten) for some fantastic deals if you’re into popular outdoor brands. You may even be able to stack with 3x via Rakuten card-linked offer or 4% via Google Pay card-linked offer for a bit more back yet.

The Deal

  • Outdoors equipment website Moosejaw is offering 50% back in rewards on qualifying full priced products (looks like full priced jackets, clothing, and winter sports gear) with promo code TURKEYSAMMY
  • Direct link to this deal

Key Terms

  • For Moosejaw Rewards members only. New members enroll for free during checkout.
  • You must use code TURKEYSAMMY for this to work.
  • Moosejaw Reward Dollars are cut by three quarters for sale items. So, if you get something on sale you’ll actually get 12.5% back instead of 50% back.
  • Promotional Moosejaw Reward Dollars cannot be earned on Gift Cards, Bikes, Cargo Boxes, Coolers, Snowshoes, Kayaks and SUPs.
  • Additional exclusions may apply.
  • This promotional code is good only on Monday, November 29th, 2021.
  • Reward Dollars won’t show up in your account until after your order is shipped.

Quick Thoughts

The stacks here look pretty solid, particularly if you value Wyndham Rewards points (and obviously only if you value Moosejaw Rewards). I’ll note that I’m new to Moosejaw, so I encourage you to do your own research to figure out whether rewards are easy to redeem, but it appears they can be applied toward future purchases (not immediately after purchase, but within a few days).

For example, take this Carhart jacket. It is available at full price for $89.99 at Moosejaw and several other sites I checked:

With coupon code TURKEYSAMMY, you’ll get 50% back in Moosejaw rewards dollars.

That’s on top of 25 Wyndham Rewards points per dollar through the Wyndham shopping portal, which would presumably add 2,250 Wyndham points since I would expect to earn 25x on the full purchase price regardless of the Moosejaw Rewards (and indeed I can confirm that on a recent Moosejaw order I earned both Moosejaw Rewards and points through the Wyndham portal).

At that price, I’m kind of tempted to 5 or 6 of those jackets. In the area where I live, I feel reasonably confident that I could sell those jackets for $50 and pocket the Moosejaw rewards to use on a GoPro or something.

The deal also works on brands like The North Face. I don’t know whether you can find this jacket for less than $150 elsewhere, but my guess is that it would probably be hard to find a better net deal than having it come with $74.47 in Moosejaw rewards dollars and 3,724 Wyndham Rewards points.

Even if you only value the Moosejaw Rewards at 50% of their face value and if you also value the Wyndham points at 1c each, that’s still a return of 50%.

This could potentially get even better with card-linked offers. Rakuten has Moosejaw at 3% / 3x Membership Rewards points per dollar for in-store offers and Google Pay has them at 4% back. I think at least one of those should stack if you link your card and use that card at checkout.

I had received an email about this deal from shopping portal Active Junky which advertises the chance to get 50% back in rewards on “Full Price Jackets, Clothing, and Winter Sports Gear”. I’m not sure exactly where the line is in terms of exclusions, but the code didn’t work on a Yeti product or GoPro that I tried (those orders were just looking at 10% back in rewards). The promo terms state that if the item you’re buying is on sale, you’ll only get 12.5% back in rewards, so you’ll want to focus on full-priced items.

Since Wyndham Rewards free night awards at some properties (including 1-bedroom Vacasa vacation rental homes) cost 13,500 points per night, I’m tempted to find $540 worth of qualifying stuff to resell. If I can get half of that back ($270) and end up with both $270 in rewards and points for a free night at a Vacasa vacation rental, I’ll probably take that deal. It’s a gamble since I don’t really know the resale market on this stuff, but I think I’m up for the gamble.

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Captain Greg

Nick, Did your Wyndham points post at 25x? For some reason I only have like 19 or 20x pending.


An additional stacking angle is 2 miles per $1 spent through AA SimplyMiles.


Huh? I’m really confused why you would go to all this trouble.

Let’s say the GoPro is $300, and you buy $600 of stuff.

If you resell everything for half the price you paid, you’ve paid $300 and earned $600 x 25 = 15k Wyndham points. I doubt you’ll earn any points from the portal while redeeming rewards, but maybe you feel differently. For now, I’ll assume you buy the GoPro with your rewards and earn no additional points.

Compared to just straight-up buying the GoPro for $300, and you’ll get 7.5k points and $30 in rewards.

Is it really worth all the reselling hassle for an additional 7.5k Wyndham points?

And this doesn’t account for the fact that it may be cheaper to buy a GoPro elsewhere, during a sale, etc.

Another Jeff

Anyone know if it codes as Walmart? (Fully owned subsidiary since 2017)

rick b

Not sure if it’s a mistake, but I even saw 50% rewards on Yeti coolers and backpack. Too bad I don’t need one, and have nothing else I need to buy near-term, but anyone else may want to jump on it.

Another Jeff

Promotional Moosejaw Reward Dollars cannot be earned on Gift Cards, Bikes, Cargo Boxes, Coolers, Snowshoes, Kayaks and SUPs.
Additional exclusions may apply.

No snowshoes for you! Lol
I assume these exclusions are pretty broad (guessing anything bike related except clothes). Not sure what SUP is? Stand up paddleboard?


Yes, stand-up paddleboard.

rick b

I think it was only on the waterproof backpack for me. I likely didn’t do the math properly so cooler probably wasn’t included. At the checkout point it does show the final rewards, so at least don’t have to buy first to find out if it’ll work.

Mary G

Thanks for the post! I’m a regular Moosejaw customer so I’ll share that MJ rewards are attached to your MJ account and can be used like cash on any MJ purchase. However, you cannot accrue MJ rewards on a purchase you make using MJ rewards. So if you plan to make large or multiple purchases it’s best to save your rewards for when there is not a bonus back.


This seems to apply to at least some other equipment — a backpack I want has the 50% off banner. However, it’s also on sale at 25% off, so I assume the lower amount would apply.