(EXPIRED) Stackable: 5% off Virtual Visa Gift Cards at GiftCards.com with code CYBERSALE plus great portal bonus

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GiftCards.com is offering 5% off on Virtual Visa Gift Cards with promo code CYBERSALE. You can order up to $750 in cards at that discount. This deal is $20 profitable on its own, though if you stack with a portal you can make it almost $80 profitable on top of credit card rewards.

The Deal

  • GiftCards.com is offering 5% off Virtual Visa Gift Cards (up to $750 worth of cards) with promo code CYBERSALE
  • Direct link to this deal (our affiliate link, though note you can do better if shopping via a portal as noted below).

Key Terms

  • Limit is $750 in virtual visas (3 cards at $250 per card)
  • You should be able to use this code even if you used the Black Friday code (though note that GiftCards.com sometimes cancels orders with reckless abandon)

Quick Thoughts

The maximum denomination on these cards is $250. After a $5.95 activation fee on each card. After 5% off with the coupon code, the total will be $730.35 — a profit of about $20 since you’ll end up with $750 in Virtual Visa Gift Cards.

You can stack this with miles or money from a shopping portal. The best deal is if you don’t have a RebatesMe account because they are offering a great referral bonus. Doctor of Credit currently has an exclusive referral bonus that offers the best deal: sign up for RebatesMe through their link and get a $45 bonus after earning $10 in cash back. Since RebatesMe is currently offering 2% cash back at GiftCards.com, you should end up earning $14.25 for this order plus the $45 referral bonus if you’re new to RebatesMe. That’s $59.25 on top of the $19.65 profit on the cards themselves for a total return of $78.90. That’s an excellent deal if you can use the Virtual Visa Gift Cards. I’ll use them to pay a couple of bills that I need to pay anyway and pocket the profit.

If you’re playing in 2-player mode, it can get even better because of the ability to refer Player 2. You could end up more than $200 ahead like this:

  1. Player 1 signs up for RebatesMe through Doctor of Credit to earn the $45 RebatesMe bonus and buys $750 in Virtual Visa Gift Cards with promo code CYBERSALE to earn $14.25 in cash back, and $19.65 profit by paying less than face value for the Visa Gift Cards on top of the new member bonus ($78.90 in profit)
  2. Player 1 refers Player 2 to RebatesMe
  3. Player 2 repeats the same order and earns a $40 new member bonus, $14.25 in cash back, and $19.65 profit by playing less than face value for the Visa Gift Cards for a total profit of $73.90.
  4. Player 1 earns a $40 referral bonus for referring Player 2
  5. Total profit = $78.90 + $73.90 + $40 = $192.80 (plus credit card rewards)

I’ve long had a RebatesMe account, so I can’t get the Doctor of Credit bonus, but my wife doesn’t have one. I’ll refer her and we’ll earn an extra $35 — her new member bonus will only be $40 through my referral link, but I’ll also earn $40 meaning that we’ll be $35 ahead.

Note that this deal was in our Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals post for the past few days with a different code — a new code became active today.

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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Deal appears to be dead (code shows invalid now)


Thanks. The rebate from Rebates me is actually $15.35 so $1+ more than in the post (they include fees too, apparently).


Is this safe for SUB spending on the new cap1 card? I’d like to do this but not sure if this would flag for a Shutdown. Are there issuers/cards to avoid on this deal?


I thought Giftcards.com won’t honor portal cashback if a coupon is used?