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We wanted to post a quick PSA for anyone who has been placing orders from both GiftCardMall and Blackhawk Network has rebranded GiftCardMall as — effectively closing up the GiftCardMall site and redirecting traffic to

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Quick Thoughts

This probably isn’t a huge deal for most readers, but as Stephen pointed out at GC Galore, anyone who was ordering from both sites and maxing out order sizes should be aware that you’re going to have less capacity for those portal rewards moving forward.

H/T: GC Galore

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in GiftCardMall I could check the transactions on my card, and see the details about each transaction. On the new site, it’s just date and amount. No info about the merchant. Anyone figured out how to see more details on the new site?


I was not able to register my cards. Unsure if this is my individual issue or wide spread problem.


I spent quality time on a phone call this morning to get my cards registered (unable to self-register on the website). The agent said there was already a ticket in because a lot of people were having this issue. Hopefully, they’ll fix it soon.


Be very carefully registering cards. There are lots of lookalike websites (ie. v that will steal your $$ once you register it. I learned the hard way.