[Expired] Staples fee-free Mastercards 3/24-3/30/19

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Staples has released its weekly add and this Sunday will be offering $200 Mastercard Gift Cards with no purchase fee. What’s more, the ad does not mention a limit per customer or transaction.

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The Deal

Key Details

  • Valid 3/24/19–3/30/19.
  • No stated limit

Quick Thoughts

Note that Mastercard gift cards have been subject to a higher rate of fraudulent draining than Visa gift cards. If you buy these, I recommend using them as soon as you can.

That said, this looks like an awesome opportunity to generate some easy spend. Be sure you’re using a card that earns one of the best category bonuses at office supply stores. For example, with the Chase Ink Cash card, you’d earn 1,000 Ultimate Rewards points for each $200 Mastercard you buy. Alternatively, this could be an easy way to pick up spend towards a big spend bonus.

Overall, this looks like a nice deal, especially if you’re able to buy multiples in one store/transaction.

H/T: GC Galore

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[…] 0:36 Fee-free Mastercard GCs at Staples (link) […]


If you get the mc and give it a pin are there less chances of it being used fraudlently?


only in store or online also? this is perfect for me. I don’t ms. I really use for spending. I’ll try to go for 10k this round. last round I did 7k.

Floridian Person

Is there a way to reduce the fraud issue, like changing the pin?


Hey, that’s grea– oh… Mastercards.


How are these for MS? If I recall correctly, they aren’t very good.


Many have reported activation issues with MCGC purchased at Staples. Be warned, there could be problems. I just went through a massive hassle where cards from Staples would not activate. Staples provides these cards through 3rd party seller and getting issues resolved is not easy. And the worst part was neither Staples nor the card issuer had any record of one of the MCGC card numbers that I received! It took weeks of email correspondance to get Staples to refund me for that $200 MCGC. You may not have any issues, but this is definitley a case where YMMV and I personally NEVER purchase MCGC again and will only purchase VGC (Metabank) from now as have NEVER had a problem with a single card in over $40K of those cards!


Thx for the info. Were the activation issues with cards purchased in stores or the ones sent through the mail?


Problem was with ones bought in store with identical Staples fee-free offer.


Thx. I’d heard about the fraud/draining issues, and heard about the activation issues with the no-fee $100 online orders, but this is the first I’ve heard about activation problems with the instore MCGCs.