Staples $20 Rebate with the purchase of $300 in Visa or Mastercard gift cards


staples gift card deal april 2015

From Sunday 4/19/15 through Saturday 4/25/15, Staples is offering a $20 Staples gift card via rebate with the purchase of $300 in Visa or Mastercards gift cards.

Generally with these deals it is best to use a Chase Ink card to earn 5X Ultimate Rewards points or an Amex SimplyCash card to earn 5% cash back at Staples.

Key Terms

  • Limit 1 per household
  • Available in-store only

For more info, see: The complete guide to Staples Visa & Mastercard deals

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I was just online chatting with an idiot from Staples chat service and though he or she could not possibly answer my main question, she did clearly state YES to being able to use the Staples Gift cards to buy stamps from them online.


This comment is in regards to the poster who said they use their staples gift cards to purchase stamps. Upon visiting my local staples I was told that there store policy was against it, yet it does not state this on the gift card nor are they able to provide the information in writing. Does anyone know if this gift card redemption policy has changed since April (2 months ago)?

[…] Starting on Sunday, Staples is running a promotion (page 10) offering a $20 prepaid Visa card via rebate with the purchase of $300 or more in Visa gift cards. This deal is very similar to other offers they have run in the past. […]

Linda Gapstur

I bought 3- $200 Master Cards today and did NOT receive the receipt for the rebate. Maybe it’s only good on the Visa gift cards. (the store did not have any $200 Visa cards in stock).


Why buy the card with a $14 fee to get the rebate for $20? Am I missing something Kent C said.

Kent C

It’s really only worth doing these deals if you can use a credit card that gives you 5x back in point/miles at an office supply store. Most people are using their Chase Ink cards which gives you Ultimate Rewards points. Those are valuable as they can be used for Hyatt stays, etc. If I wasn’t getting 5x, I wouldn’t be at Staples doing these deals. For this deal, I went to Staples yesterday and bought $400 worth of Visa four times. I will send rebates to four different addresses/people. I’ve done this multiple times before. Never an issue. That will create 8,000 UR points. It cost me $56 in fees. The Staples GC will total $80 which I will sell for 86% to one of a number of gift card sites. So I will make a few $ but will keep the 8,000 UR (you can see this is a different method than I was using above). The 8,000 UR are good for a free night at a Cat 1 or Cat 2 Hyatt or can be (should be) saved to bank more for free nights in higher categories (repeat promo as these occur about 1-2x month as of late). Hyatt is not the only option, but is the primo one for me.


I bought 2 $200 MC cards today (Sunday the 19th ) and did NOT receive the print-out for the rebate. Will go back tomorrow and check what’s up.

Kent C

Should’ve worked according to the offer. I bought Visa (4 rebates) and they printed out ok.

[…] Staples $20 Rebate with the purchase of $300 in Visa or Mastercard gift cards […]


I use staple gift card buy stamps, only thing is not over priced 🙂

Kent C

I used to view this offer as paying $14 in gift card fees ( 2 x $200 ) to essentially get a $20 staples credit for overpriced stuff that I buy on Amazon instead. Yes, I have the Ink but I said nah. I passed many a time.

That changed when I expanded my mind. Now I do this 4x via 4 different addresses/people. I still don’t like the idea of paying $14 to net $6 at Staples so I do this. On 4 rebate transactions I will pay $56 in gift card fees then when the 8,000 UR points post, I reimburse myself $56 through 5,600 points. So in the end, I have $80 worth of free Staples goods and net 2,400 points. This justifies it for me as I need to save actual money.

Now when Staples does their $20 VISA gift card rebate promos, no thinking involved.


You do know that staples will PRICEMATCH Amazon, right?

2 weeks ago got them to pricematch laser toner to Amazon AND got a promo they were offering if you bought >1 toner (I think it was $15 itunes credit or something like that).

I find these deals VERY useful if only for the points! UR points can be redeemed for FAR more value than reimbursing your gift card expense! Why waste them that way???


If it’s a 20 visa gift card it will say it there. This rebate card is only good at staples.


I love these offers!!!

[…] HT: frequentmiler […]


Is this a “Staples” gift card only to be used in Staples store or is this a Visa gift card that can be used anywhere?