$75 Free Hotel Credit with Stayful



Update: It seems like they have now changed some of the rules for these credits. Some people are reporting the $50 credit must be used for a stay by 12/6 and others are saying credits can’t be used until you spend at least $75 out of pocket. This didn’t seem to be the case when this was originally posted, but it seems their policies have changed.

The online hotel booking site Stayful is running a promotion that gives a total of $75 credit towards hotel bookings for new members and $50 for existing members. The credit works like this:

  • Sign-up and receive a $25 credit. (You can sign-up directly on the website or through someone’s referral link. Here is mine.)
  • Use the code “SECRETSANTA” on the “Credits” page and earn a $50 credit.

Note: The $50 credit expires on 12/6/15 while the sign-up bonus expires on 3/2/2016 and you can only book hotels 30 days out. This means that you would need to book a stay before January 6 to the full credit.

Credit Terms

  • Credits may be redeemed on any “Make an Offer” purchase of $75 or more, excluding taxes and fees.
  • Credits expire at midnight Pacific Time on the date shown.

My guess is this won’t last long.

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Tom C

Just a clarification. The $50 credit and $25 credit can be used for reservations greater than $75, but there is a minimum $75 out of pocket. So if you have a $76 reservation you can use $1 credit and pay $75 (plus fees, etc). If you have a $150 reservation you can use $75 credit (I think you can use both) and pay $75 plus fees, etc.


Deal is dead , now they make you spend at least 75 on top of the credits you use.


Like everyone else, I’ve never heard of this site. Is there a summary out there about their business?


i didnt get sign up credit of $25, only $50 credit is showing in my account.

David L

Just worked for me, so still active!


I don’t think Stayful is ready for prime time. I just did a search for 3 different trips and came up empty each time. They appear to be operating in a small hadful of cities, and didn’t have anything for a single night in downtown Chicago.