(EXPIRED) Sunbasket MyPoints/Simply Miles/Citi Stack: $80 profit, 1000 AAdvantage miles and 8 meals

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The home-prep meal service Sunbasket has several offers available that, when stacked, gives you 8-10 meals, 1000 AAdvantage Miles/Loyalty Points and an $80 profit after signing-up for the service and getting at least one box delivered within 20 days of sign-up.

This could be the best offer for Sunbasket that we’ve seen.

Image courtesy of Sunbasket

The Deals

  • Earn 20,000 MyPoints (worth $125 cash) by clicking through the portal and starting a new subscription. Must have at least 1 order delivered within 20 days of subscribing to earn Points.

Direct Link to Offer

  • Earn 1,000 American Airlines AAdvantage miles when ordering from Sunbasket after adding offer to an enrolled card on Simply Miles and making a $65 purchase.

Direct link to offer (must log-in to see offer)

  • Get $20 back through Citi Merchant Offer when ordering from Sunbasket after adding offer to targeted and Citi card and making a $65 purchase.

Key Terms

  • Offer may only be redeemed once (1) per user.
  • Must submit valid name, address, credit card and other subscription information to earn Points.
  • Points will appear as Pending for 60 days.
  • Must have at least 1 order delivered within 20 days of subscribing to earn Points.
  • This offer is only available to new Sunbasket customers/subscribers.
  • Offer valid on a single purchase of $65 or more at Sun Basket using the eligible card associated with this account. Offer valid online only.
  • Expires June 30,2022
Citi Merchant Offer
  • To redeem this offer, you will need to spend a minimum of $65 at Sun Basket. Mastercard must be used at checkout.
  • Offer may be redeemed up to 3 times.
  • Expires June 30,2022

Quick Thoughts

Sunbasket is a meal subscription service that offers a choice between being sent ingredients with which to make meals yourself or having the meals come pre-prepared (so only requiring reheating). My wife and I tried it out recently when Swagbucks was offering $90 cashback with a stackable card-linked offer. We had the ingredients sent and, overall, felt like it was one of the better meal-kit options we’ve tried this year.

The MyPoints deal is worth doing by itself. You only have to receive one order, and you can do as little as 2 meals/week, receive one box and then get the bonus.  The 4 meals will probably end up costing around $25, so you’d be getting $100 and four free meals. Nice haul for 5 minutes of work. Just make sure to postpone all deliveries after the first box (unless you want to receive more boxes, of course) and cancel once the MyPoints have credited.

But I think it’s better if you have the “targeted” Sunbasket SimplyMiles and Citi Merchant Offers (they’re very widely targeted, so the majority of people with eligible cards should find one of both)

Both of these deals require you to spend $65 to redeem them and you can stack them on the same order by using a Citi Mastercard. I think that the easiest way to do it is select a 4 meals/week plan and then arrange it so that your four meals cost you as close to $105 (while going over) as possible. You’ll end up with a $40 discount off the order (and free shipping), so the total will trigger both offers:

This will get you an 1,000 AA miles/LP and an additional 4 meals for just $20 extra out of pocket, which seems like a steal to me.

Remember to make sure that you have your card enrolled in Simply Miles AND add the Citi offer to your account as well. You will also have to activate the Citi Card (preferably on the same Mastercard that’s enrolled in SimplyMiles) before making the purchase. The earnings from SimplyMiles are elite-qualifying, meaning that you’ll also earn 1,000 Loyalty Points on top of the redeemable miles.

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Sunbasket just cancelled my first shipment because it’s going to be too hot to deliver (high in the upper 80’s), and it’s not forecast to cool down any time soon, so I’ll miss out on the MyPoints, which is what made this deal worth trying. Cancelled my subscription.


How long did it take for the 20k points to be deposited? It’s been a couple weeks and I haven’t received anything from MyPoints.


When I try to click through the offer link from MyPoints, it doesn’t take me to Sun Basket, it just refreshes the search results on the MyPoints page. Anyone else?


How could you redeem the 20K points. Seems like they only have GC available and none of those 20K points would amount to $125 anything…


How long has it taken for people to get the MyPoints credit once you place your order?


The Citi offer says you must use the Citi URL to claim the offer. You’d also have to use the Mypoints link to get the Mypoints offer.

Anyone know if you use the Mypoints link, will the Citi offer still apply?

Seems like it would be one or the other.


There is also an Amex offer of $20 off $65 and can be done twice


true but that won’t combine with simplymiles.


Great deal but Sunbasket was by far my least favorite of the meal delivery services I’ve tried. 1. Blue Apron, 2. Green Chef, 3. Home Chef, and way behind that is 4. Sunbasket.


I wonder if that is location based? Sunbasket was my number 1 followed by Blue Apron, and green chef was a distant 3rd


Any idea how much time must pass after ending a previous subscription to get the offers to apply? I cancelled in Aug 2021. I could probably just do a new login and use P2’s info, but it would be easier if I could repeat.


I did it after 5 months with a different email address and it worked fine


Same name, address and billing information?


yes, I just opened a new account with a new different email address


Do they repackage the ingredients?


Interesting – I had activated this offer but not acted on it but now with the mypoints offer up – I logged into simply miles and the 1000 mile AA offer is no longer there. Has anyone else experienced this recent loss?


i lost my sun basket offer too :/