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With hundreds of posts about American Express Membership Rewards, it can be hard to know where to begin! This Complete Guide offers a good summary of information. The guide says…

In my opinion, transferable points programs, are the most valuable points to accumulate.  These points can often be used at better than 1 cent per point value to book travel.  Even better, points can be strategically transferred to airline and hotel programs when valuable awards are available.  If you’re at all interested in free travel or luxury travel with points & miles, then you need to understand the basics of each of these programs, including Amex Membership Rewards.

If you’d like to dive deeper, the posts below investigate the nuances of earning, managing, and transferring these Membership Rewards points more deeply.

15% transfer bonus Amex to Avianca LifeMiles

Avianca LifeMiles is offering a 15% bonus on miles transferred from American Express Membership Rewards. The Deal Get 15% bonus miles when transferring points from Amex...

A new transferable currency hierarchy (on Nick’s mind)

Before this week, I think that most points and miles enthusiasts would have easily placed Amex Membership Rewards points and Chase Ultimate Rewards points...

Sign up now for the Platinum 100K + 10X offer (here’s why)

In this post, I'll make the case that nearly everyone should sign up for the Platinum Card from American Express.  Now.  For many frequent...

40% transfer bonus American Express Membership Rewards to Marriott

American Express is offering a 40% bonus when transferring Membership Rewards to Marriott. The Deal Get a 40% bonus when transferring Membership Rewards to Marriott. Key...

40% transfer bonus American Express Membership Rewards to Hilton

American Express is once again offering a 40% bonus when transferring Membership Rewards to Hilton. The Deal Get a 40% bonus when transferring Membership Rewards...

Amex allows free Membership Rewards point transfer from deceased cardholder

This is a grim topic, but very good to know.  If a person with Amex Membership Rewards points dies, the executor of the estate...

[Reminder] Amex lost El Al, may code coin & bullion purchases as cash advance

Update 3/9/21: Re-publishing this post for those considering the Mint coin deal this Thursday. See the section about coins and bullion potentially not earning...
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(Targeted) Earn 20,000 Membership Rewards For Enrolling In Pay Over Time

Keep an eye out for an email from American Express as some cardholders have reported receiving an opportunity to earn 20,000 Membership Rewards points...
Amex Transfer Partners

Transfer Partner Master List

Updates: This post now includes indirect transfer partners (transfer to one program in order to then transfer to another) Added Brex transfer partners In my...

How to convert Amex Membership Rewards to cash with the Schwab Platinum card

The Platinum Card from American Express for Schwab has a unique super power: it makes it possible to convert your Membership Rewards points to...
Membership Rewards Etihad Guest

Membership Rewards Transfer To Etihad Currently Unavailable

One of the transfer partners of American Express Membership Rewards is the Etihad Guest program. For at least the last few days, it's not...

(EXPIRED) 20-50% off Amazon with 1 Membership Rewards point! (back again)

UPDATE: Some are finding that this deal is available again even if they used it in the past. Amazon is offering a targeted discount of 20-50%...
American Express Membership Rewards Marriott 30% Transfer Bonus

(EXPIRED) 30% transfer bonus American Express Membership Rewards to Marriott

American Express is offering a couple of different transfer bonuses right now, with one of them being a 30% bonus when transferring your points...

Great value for non-travel rewards (want stuff?)

Update 11/15/20: Transfers from Citi to Shop Your Way no longer have 20% bonus. Point transfers from Citi are no longer recommended. A couple of...

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