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5/24 status

Free Credit Scores, Reports, and Monitoring: Complete guide.

If you often apply for credit cards in order to earn welcome bonuses, then you've probably realized that managing your credit is important. And...
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How to Survive the Equifax Hack

Equifax was hacked and the world changed.  The old advice about protecting your personal information now seems quaint.  The prudent thing to do today...
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How the Equifax Hack scared me into installing Google Search and may have saved...

This story involves an aging dog, the Google Search app, a Citibank credit card perk I've never before used, and the infamous Equifax Hack...
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Equifax Hack Rx: Free credit monitoring

Did you know that you can get credit monitoring for free? Unlike Equifax's limited one-year free option, multiple services offer free credit monitoring without an...
Identity Theft Insurance

Equifax Hack Rx: Free Identity Theft Insurance

Did you know that you can get identity theft insurance for free?  Unlike Equifax's one-year free option, multiple services offer free insurance without an...
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Is the Equifax cure worse than the hack? Here’s what I plan to do…

Ouch.  Equifax failed to properly secure private data concerning 143 million US consumers.  Hackers may have gotten our names, Social Security numbers, birth dates,...
Equifax data breach

Equifax data breach: Find out if you’re affected and get protected

Equifax today announced a "cybersecurity incident".  In other words, they were hacked, and about 143 million US consumers are potentially affected. Equifax says that the...
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A case study of a 470,000 point application spree

In mid August, my wife applied for 8 credit cards across three banks.  After a few phone calls, all 8 cards were approved.  You...

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