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Gift Card Granny promo code LASTMINUTE23.

(EXPIRED) Gift Card Granny: Save 2% on Visa eGift cards with promo code LASTMINUTE23...

It's not only MastercardGiftCard.com and TheGiftCardShop running deals on gift cards at the moment. Gift Card Granny is running a deal that's slightly profitable...
a screenshot of a credit card

(EXPIRED) Gift Card Granny: Profitable 2% Discount On Visa & Mastercard Gift Cards

Today only, Gift Card Granny is giving a 2% discount when buying Build-A-Card Visa & Mastercard gift cards. That makes the deal marginally profitable,...
Physical Gift Cards

Instant Gift Card Deals: Save Money & Get Rewarded

When you're about to buy something, you may be able to save money or earn extra miles by first buying a merchant gift card...

AAdvantage eShopping Triple Miles

The triple mile promotion is just the beginning of the story.  Read on for ways to maximize points and savings... This week, the...

The JCP Double Dip

JC Penney gift cards are readily available through gift card resellers for 25% off (or more).  This is a nice, easy way to get...

Is the Home Depot double dip alive?

Yesterday I declared that I was pulling the plug on the Home Depot double dip experiment.  In that post I wrote that a few...

Sunday News

For those eagerly awaiting news about the latest Staples free after rebate items, here’s an update: The good news is that Staples has a...

Gift cards: buy low, sell high, get cash back

Updated 5/7/2013 with new cash back rates In a previous post, I showed that it was possible to increase credit card spend (and thus...

Churning merchant gift cards

Buying and selling discount gift cards is a good option if you are looking to increase credit card spending in order to qualify for...

Meeting minimum spend on an Amex business card

A reader contacted me yesterday asking about the best way to meet minimum spend on her American Express business card.  She has $1000 left...

Top 20 Best Value Gift Cards

A new option for meeting minimum credit card spend!  On Friday, I reported that one can save money almost anywhere by buying discounted...

Save money almost anywhere

I’ve received a number of reader emails recently that go something like this: I am about to spend a lot of...

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