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Easier airline elite status in 2021: Summary by Airline

Due to the fact that the pandemic has drastically reduced business travel, most airlines have made changes so that it is easier to earn...

JetBlue Mosaic status with $15K spend from 10/1 to 12/31!

If you have a JetBlue Plus card and want top-tier Mosaic status, get ready to flex that card. Dan's Deals has picked up on...

[Update: Brex also] Capital One losing JetBlue TrueBlue as a transfer partner

Update 10/2/21: Miles Talk points out that Brex is also losing transfers to JetBlue TrueBlue on 10/25. It will be interesting to see if...

Book JetBlue Mint (including Mint Studio) with Emirates miles

JT Genter at NerdWallet has stumbled on a very big find: Emirates Skywards miles can now be used to book JetBlue Mint. While the value...
JetBlue Mint

JetBlue Flights From New York To London Now Bookable

JetBlue announced a while ago that they'd be joining the ranks of US airlines that fly to the UK and they've made good on...
Card-linked program network

(Updated) Card-Linked Programs & The Networks They Run On (AKA Which Programs Stack)

Update 3/14/21: The list below has been updated to include the Bitmo app and Emirates Skywards portal, as well as the name of iDine...
JetBlue Change Cancellation Fees Overhead Bin Space

JetBlue Removing Change & Cancellation Fees Except For Blue Basic, Guaranteeing Overhead Bin Space

JetBlue has announced some policy changes which are, for the most part, good for flyers. There are some features of the changes which are...
JetBlue 100,000 Bonus Points

(EXPIRED) (Update: Only Business Card Now) Huge New 100k Offers On JetBlue Plus &...

Update 2/6/21: As ktc noted in the comments below, only the business card is offering 100,000 bonus points now. Update 2/3/21: These 100k offers were...

Transfer JetBlue to Amtrak for up to 1.45 cents per point value

Who knew that you could transfer JetBlue points to Amtrak at a 2 to 1 transfer ratio? Benjy at MilesToMemories, that's who.  The trick...

JetBlue to fly into London Heathrow airport

We knew that JetBlue was planning to fly to London, but until recently we didn't know which airport they'd fly to.  Now we know....

(EXPIRED) JetBlue: Save $50 Off $125 One-Way Or $100 Off $250 Round-Trip (Ends 9/30/20)

JetBlue has a great new promotion that can save you up to 40% off paid flights. You'll need to be quick though because you...

American & JetBlue partner up (no word on award booking)

American Airlines and JetBlue today announced a partnership. This could get interesting if it leads to reciprocal award redemption, though at the moment we...
Membership Rewards Excise Tax Fee

American Express Waiving Excise Tax Fees For Membership Rewards Transfers Until End Of 2020

While the American Express Membership Rewards program is an excellent transferable currency when it comes to airline partners, one of its few downsides has...

RT Flights From East Coast To Hawaii For $288 In September

There are some excellent round trip fares right now from the east coast to Hawaii. While no one should be traveling right now unless...

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