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The Art of Gift Card Churning

If you've already mastered the art of credit card churning, consider adding gift card churning to your repertoire. For most people new to travel hacking,...

Upgrade Sears Gift Cards at Sears

Sears sells other retailer gift cards, after all. Well, well, look at that. Sears does sell gift cards (other than their own)...

A Two Player PPM

This Perpetual Point Machine is best with two people working together. In previous posts (such as this one), I defined the Perpetual Point...

Gift Card Harvesting

With a green gift card thumb, you can grow the value of your gift cards over time. Buried deep in the comments section of an...

An Infinite Number of Uses for Sears Gift Cards

In my recent post, Buy Miles for 1.2 Cents or Less, I showed a way to get airline miles by buying Sears gift cards,...

Buy miles for 1.2 cents or less

A faster, better, easier way to buy miles and points In a previous post, I showed how it is possible to buy airline miles and...

How My Smartphone Saved my Butt

I write a lot about Sears gift cards. I've written about how you can use them to meet minimum credit card spend; how...

No Mega Deal at Kohls

In a prior post I wrote about a few strange things in the Chase Ultimate Reward mall having to do with Kohls. I speculated...

The Perfect Perpetual Point Machine, Part Two

In part one of this series, I introduced the idea of the quest for the perfect perpetual point machine. A perpetual point machine (PPM)...

How to meet minimum credit card spend AND get 50,000 to 100,000 extra miles

As I'm sure you know, credit card companies frequently offer huge sign-up bonuses. NerdWallet, for example, lists seven current bonus offers worth at least...

How to buy points and miles for less than a penny

CAUTION: While this post offers a way to buy points and miles at bargain rates, there are serious risks involved in this approach. Before...

How to meet credit card spend thresholds without breaking a sweat

Credit card sign-up bonuses these days are amazing: 40,000 miles! 50,000 points! 75,000 miles! And so on. A person can rack up close to...

Buy American Airlines Miles for less than 1.6 cents each. No limit.

THIS DEAL IS NOW DEAD: As reported by DealsWeLike (see comments), the Aadvantage shopping mall is no longer offering 10 points per dollar...

Perpetual Point Machine… Not!

When I was very young I invented a perpetual motion machine (a machine that runs on its own power, forever).  I drew a picture...

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