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Tag: PayPal Digital Gifts

Physical Gift Cards

Instant Gift Card Deals: Save Money & Get Rewarded

When you're about to buy something, you may be able to save money or earn extra miles by first buying a merchant gift card...
Uber Eats gift card

[EXPIRED] $100 Uber / Uber Eats for $90 via PayPal Digital Gifts

Update 3/23/21: This deal is no also available in a $50 denomination for $45. Link under "The Deal" below. H/T: Doctor of Credit PayPal Digital...
a wing of an airplane in the sky

(EXPIRED) 10% off Southwest, Lowe’s, 20% off DoorDash, Domino’s, more

PayPal Digital Gifts is offering good discounts on a number of different digital gift cards. I think there is a limit of 3 of...
Uber Gift Card

(EXPIRED) PayPal Digital Gifts: Save 10% On $50 Uber Gift Cards

PayPal Digital Gifts has launched a new deal this morning, offering a 10% discount on $50 Uber gift cards. The Deal Buy $50 Uber gift...
Bed Bath & Beyond gift card

(EXPIRED) $100 Bed Bath & Beyond for $90: Stack w/ $100 back on $300...

PayPay Digital Gifts is offering a $100 Bed Bath & Beyond gift card for $90. If you haven't yet maxed out the Chase Freedom Q4 bonus...
Hotelsdotcom discounted gift cards

15-20% Off Hotels.com Gift Cards At Newegg, Gyft & PPDG

Update 12/22/18: The discounted gift cards are out of stock on Newegg and Gyft. There are a few different sites currently selling Hotels.com gift cards...
a red card with white text

(EXPIRED) $100 Hotels.com for $85, discounts on Uber, Groupon, and Papa John’s GCs

PayPal Digital Gifts is offering discounts on gift cards for Hotels.com ($100 for $85), Groupon ($100 for $85), Uber ($50 for $45), and Papa John's ($25 for...
Airbnb gift card

(EXPIRED) Discounted Travel Gift Cards On eBay: Save On Southwest, Airbnb, Hotels.com & More

There are several different discounted travel gift cards currently available through eBay Daily Deals. The Deals $150 Southwest gift card for $135 (digital card) $100 Airbnb...

(EXPIRED) 10% off Southwest Gift Cards + Schedule extended + New routes

PayPal Digital Gifts via eBay has Southwest Airlines eGift Cards on sale: buy a $150 Southwest Airlines gift card for $135. Coincidentally, Southwest has also extended their schedule for...

(EXPIRED) $100 Southwest gift card for $90

PayPal Digital Gifts is offering a $100 Southwest airlines gift card for $90 today. This is directly via PPDG (not via eBay), and you can only...
Airbnb PPDG

(EXPIRED) Get $100 Airbnb & Southwest Gift Cards For $92 With PPDG

Paypal Digital Gifts has two brand new listings this morning offering $100 Airbnb and Southwest gift cards for $92. The Deals Get a $100 Airbnb...
sears shutdown

(EXPIRED) Save 10% on Southwest, 9.1% on AirBnB gift cards

PayPal Digital Gifts via Ebay has a couple of travel-related gift card deals today, enabling you to save on both Southwest Airlines Gift Cards and AirBnB...
a shelf with many boxes

[Expired] Gift card deals: Amazon, eBay, Cashtar (iTunes, Best Buy, many more)

There are tons of gift card deals today. Whether you're looking for a last-minute gift, to spend towards a signup bonus or Big Spend...
a screenshot of a computer

Death of Digital Gifts: No more 5x

We received a report on Twitter that as of earlier this week, PayPal Digital Gifts is no longer earning 5x with Chase Ink Cash...

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